Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio Reviews

Good day! I want to show everyone the shiseido shades that are already familiar and loved for all, the shade of Blues BL 310.
Who cares, welcome! :)
Full product name in English: Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio BL 310
These shadows are a gift. I myself probably would not have bought such colors, since blue and blue are practically not wearable for me, and there are already pink shades. But they don’t choose gifts, and in general I didn’t mind! :)
Photograph of the manufacturer: Description of the manufacturer: Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio - Shadows trio offer a seductive color palette and endless creative variations, have a smooth silky texture.
The palette of new shadows gives you a vision of color combinations that reflect not only fashion trends, but are also suitable for creating your own style. Three gorgeous contrasting colors, from bright, colorful shades to rich dark tones, open up new makeup possibilities.
Bright colors remain fresh and saturated throughout the day, and a smooth silky texture provides uniform application and an absolute feeling of comfort. Contain kompleks-k for moisturizing and restoring the skin - Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE.
Detailed opinion: As stated by the manufacturer, the shadows really have a very nice texture, they are easy and durable to wear. They are very comfortable all day.
Despite the fact that blue and blue are not of great interest to me, these shadows came to me not in vain: thanks to them, I learned that Shiseido shades are of very decent quality and, most likely, I’ll go to the store for three other shades. Why not blue and blue? I do not know! :) I do not like them on myself and that's it! :)
I will show the colors of this palette in my photo. As you can see, I actively use only pink, the other two are inactive :)

A sponge and a brush are included in the box with the shadows, but I don’t use them, since I’m much more familiar and comfortable with my brush with a long handle :)

Now swatch:
Shadows are very well pigmented.
Top: electric light.
Bottom: daylight. less intensive application.

I never loved and don't like bright makeup. Completely for naturalness, so the frequent use was the pink color of the palette in this tandem with gray-brown shades and a pencil:

BUT! The donor often asks the question: "And where are the blue shadows that I gave ?!" :) Here, of course, you have to come up with something. And here comes up with this:
Not very bright, almost like I love! :) And the gift giver is satisfied.
And recently, I began to practice applying blue from a palette to an arrow, it turns out something like this:
This, of course, is laborious, what would I just buy a blue eyeliner, but, in principle, it doesn’t take too much time for me (I draw the previous version longer)
Well, a few photos in the "half-image" :))))

Rating: five! Shadows are very, very worthy. Need to see other shades.
Price: a gift, but on Strawberry 1258 rubles
Test period: Month
Thanks for attention.
I am Irina. To me on "you" :)
Have a good weekend!

Watch the video: EYES - shiseido - luminizing satin eye shadow - BE701 lingerie matte (November 2019).