Vegas Night with Black Essence

Not so long ago I received a new package of varnishes, among which were two handsome men whom I really want to show you.
It will be about Essence Black is varnish and special effect topper varnishes.
I ask all interested

So, in my review, I will show a duet of two beautiful varnishes that look quite impressive on such short nails, like mine.
Essence, Color & Go - Black is back
Detailed opinion:
Classic black, viscous, saturated, fits perfectly with the first layer. It is worn for two or three days without any problems, and then chips and peeling off of the tips begin. However, I am not surprised, all Essences suffer from this.
And before showing the swatch, I can’t help but imagine the second protagonist, namely:
Essence, Nail Art, Special effect topper - Night in Vegas

Detailed opinion:
I dreamed about such a topper from the very moment I saw a review of manicure with Nfu mica.
I still could not buy the original, so I purchased an analogue from Essence.
And you know, I have no regrets. Topper copes with all the functions assigned to it :)
And to prove a lot of swatch :)

For both bubbles in their corner, it turned out 150 rubles :)
9 out of 10 (I’ll lower the score for fragility)
I would be glad if someone would find my review helpful.
I am Alena, with me on "you"

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