Rose of Bulgaria Hand Cream Rosewater Reviews

Good day! Today I’ll tell you about another pair of body care products that I liked: Body Balsam "Rose of Bulgaria" and Balm Rose Hand Bulgaria hand cream
The products of this company (BioFresh Cosmetics, Bulgaria) are sold in pharmacies in our city.
1. Body Balsam "Rose of Bulgaria".
It is presented in two types: with a pump-dispenser (230 ml) and without a dispenser (330 ml)
The volume of my copy is 230 ml. The bottle is plastic, with a convenient adequate dispenser that gently, without nerves, gives out a portion of the lotion. By the way, these portions are very small, which is convenient when you only need to smear your hands (just two or more taps are enough), and it is inconvenient when you want to cover a large area. Say, to smear a foot, you need to do 5-6 clicks.Lotion of liquid consistency, no oiliness as in most of these body products is felt, even slightly watery when applied, it is absorbed into the skin almost instantly without leaving a film (even when you take a shower, you do not feel the film from the previously applied product - I like it when: )) For all its weightlessness it moisturizes perfectly, even dry skin of the legs does not require additives.
The composition, in addition to various utilities like rose water, rose oil, Vit.E, rosemary extract, which, according to the manufacturer, has nourishing, soothing and anti-allergic effects, contains glycerin and liquid paraffin, to which my skin has always reacted violently with indignation. In the case of Balsam, she is not indignant, there were no rashes, there is no film on the skin.
The most important thing that I like about this line is the unmatched natural smell of blooming rose hips! If you like this fragrance, then I recommend these products. On the body, the smell remains for half an hour or an hour for sure, then leaves. For me it’s like an aromatherapy session, I am blissful. Initially, I was afraid of the aroma of a rose, I do not perceive it well in perfumes and care products, but these products smell not of a chemical rose, but of wild rose flowers) My mother used this lotion instead of perfume all summer long - it’s fresh, natural, enough to work, and we’ll refresh the aroma at work hand cream, she said. Well, this is an amateur.
ConsistencyPrice: bought in a set with hand cream and shower gel, the set price is about 500 r.
Rating: 5
I use: about a month.
2. Hand Cream "Rose of Bulgaria"
Volume 75 ml. Plastic bottle with screw cap.
Cream of a denser consistency than body balm. It nourishes hands perfectly, it is absorbed also without complaints, without leaving a film. With aroma - the same story as with Balsam, it will leave you no earlier than in half an hour (for me - plus, even my husband - hallelujah - does not mind). Almond oil, calendula and rosemary extract are declared in the composition.
In the photo: closer to you - balm, a little further - hand cream
The price indicated above
Rating: 5
I use: about a month
The set also had shower gel, it quickly ended, because my husband liked it as a bath foam) I can say that the quality of the gel suited me completely, it does not tighten the skin, it smells great, the consistency is medium, not liquid, it lathers well.
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Have a nice day everyone!
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