Eveline Cosmetics Nail Therapy Professional Reviews

Hello girls! I want to share with you a review about the tools that help my pens to be soft, gentle and well-groomed
If interested, please ...
I'll start, perhaps, with a smoothing peeling for hands
Dr. Pierre Ricaud Expertise Mains Smoothing Milky Hand Exfoliant
Great tool! After this peeling milk, the hands are smooth-smooth and very tender. I use it as the manufacturer advises 3 times a week. I put a small amount on my hands, massage and rinse with water. It is almost transparent in color with the smallest particles, gently exfoliates and renews the skin, softens and smoothes it. It smells not very creamy fragrance. It is spent sparingly.
Price: I took a discount of about 250 p. full price 350 r.
Rating: well, of course 5 and a thousand pluses
Period of use: about six months
After this peeling I apply cream
Dr. Pierre Ricaud Expertise Mains Multi-Active Hand Cream

I acquired this cream along with peeling for a tandem, so to speak. The cream is good, moisturizes and smoothes the skin of pens. Together with peeling it works with a bang! The smell of the cream is more pronounced than that of peeling, but it does not hit the nose, it is gentle enough. Of course, I use cream much more often, so it is almost over. The consistency is not dense, but not fluid.
Price: I ordered for about 170 r, the total price is 290 r.
Rating: 5
Period of use: about six months
It should be noted that this company very often makes discounts on its website for popular products.
This is a miniature I carry with me in my purse, so that I can keep the handles in good condition even when traveling
Oriflame Dream Cream the cream that can fulfill dreams

Also not a bad cream, I got a gift along with other means, it is lightweight and quickly absorbed, what you need when you are not at home, a small tube will fit in any cosmetic bag. The perfume is stronger than the previous one, but it disappears quite quickly.
Price: gift
Rating: 5
Duration of use: several months
Next comes the oil and pencil for nails and cuticles
Eveline Cosmetics Ultra Concentrated Nail and Cuticle Oil with Avocado Oil and Vitamin Complex
Lady Rose Nail Care Stick Pencil - intensive care for nails and cuticles
I bought the first remedy by chance when I was on vacation in St. Petersburg. The oil turned out to be good, "oily." The cuticle nourishes perfectly, but if you do not rub it a little, it will be absorbed for a long time. Apply in the afternoon, if at home, and in the evening. If I do nothing, then I do not rub it, leave it to soak in. And his smell is simply magnificent, but I cannot say what exactly it smells :) my sense of smell is simply lost :)
Price: I don’t remember exactly, 150-200 r
Rating: 5 ++++++
Duration of use: about 2 months
Pencil Lady Rose bought from reviews here on the Beautician. I carry it with me in my bag and use it with pleasure. As you can see in the photo above, the pencil has a brush, which is very convenient to apply the tool even on the run :) from the other end there is a swivel mechanism with which the tool enters the brush. The product itself is not liquid, but creamy, enriched with oils of wheat germ, almond, apricot kernel, jojoba. Contains shea butter and vitamins E and C. The product is absorbed quickly enough, but it smells not as pleasant as oil, but it is not critical, you can smell it if you bring it directly to the nose.
Price: about 170-180 p., Without discounts in Rive Gauche
Rating: 5 of course
Duration of use: about a month
These are my assistants in maintaining the beauty of pens.
Be beautiful
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