Chanel Illusion d'Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow Reviews

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Today I want to tell you about the cream shadows of Chanel. Of course, the Beautician has enough reviews about this product, so you may not be so interested in reading. However, anyone interested - I ask for a cut

Well, I wanted these shadows as soon as I saw the first reviews. We came to a girlfriend in a store, after consulting, chose the shade 83 (Illusoire). Satisfied, I ran to the cash register, and then all the time I was in the mall I passionately wanted to go home to try on new clothes ^^ The brush was included with the shadows, but, unfortunately, it was so useless for me that I didn’t even notice how she got lost during my trip to london. The brush is good, but not for these shadows, because they lie baldly when applied with a brush. Therefore, I generally prefer to apply them with my finger on the entire eyelid. Although generally recently, having bought the Naked 2 palette, I forgot about all the available shadows, and only once a month I wear Chanel as an eyeliner (further on swatch).
Photo at daylight.

Daylight photo with flash.
Consider pros & cons:
1) Persistent (I have been with the base from Urban Decay all day). Do not roll and do not turn pale.
2) Great color: beautifully shimmers in the sun and looks expensive.
3) Easy to apply with your finger.
4) Excellent stew.
5) Economical consumption.
1) When applied with a brush, they do not lie smoothly.
2) Impractical packaging: the kitty dropped the jar from the table and the trololo happened ... I didn’t expect this. (in the photo below).
Now the shadows are constantly falling out. But you can see how many shadows there are in this jar. :)

Now swatch:
In daylight.

In daylight with flash.

Now before our eyes (in the quality of eyeliner on the upper and lower eyelids):

Daylight + flash.

Well, a full bow:

Rating: 5- (after all, the shadows are cool, but the packaging upset)
Period of use: half a year
Price: approx. 1200 p. for gold in the WG
All ^^
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