Yves Rocher: Culture Bio Shower Gels Aloe Vera, Mallow and Argan Oil

This summer Yves rocher launched another novelty - a series Culture biocontaining no harmful components (well, at least we are told so). In particular, shower gels promise no parabens and dyes, as well as a 99% natural composition (which is confirmed by EcoCert certificate). The deodorant did not attract me at all, but the shower gels decided to try everything (this good is never enough). There are only three gels themselves: with organic aloe vera, organic mallow extract and argan oil, again, organic.

The first thing that immediately catches your eye is undoubtedly the packaging. These nail-breaking caps and bottles are exactly the same as in the Jardins du Monde series, for which for some reason the Yves Rocher company is holding on like this (which is not a new shower gel, it's all in the same jar). In addition, the gels in bottles smell much weaker than during use, which was a big surprise for me (usually the opposite). And then there are some differences, about which in details about each gel separately.
Yves Rocher Culture Bio Fresh Shower Gel with Organic Aloe Vera

Fresh shower gel smells weird. It does not look like ordinary and familiar fresh aloe fragrances. I will not say that the smell is bad, but it is somehow specific. It seems to be fresh, but it seems to be not at all. As I already mentioned in passing, while taking a shower, the smell smells much stronger than in the package, a slight smell remains on the skin. Personally, I did not cause a resonance, although my brother liked it (he mainly uses it).

The gel is completely transparent, very liquid, which is why it is consumed quite quickly. Foams medium, cleanses well, gently, does not dry skin. Some leaving properties were not noticed, as well as the desire to purchase the gel again.
Estimated price: 29-33 UAH.
Rating: 4- (if not for a more or less sparing composition, I would put 3)
Test period: 3 weeks
Yves Rocher Culture Bio Gentle Shower Cream Organic Mallow

Cream gel with organic mallow has a very cute, delicately designed label. On this, perhaps, all the amenities for me end there. At the time of placing the order, I somehow forgot that the mallow is such high stems with large smelly flowers that they love to plant at home in villages. Of course, they are insanely colorful and, perhaps, beautiful. Few pictures of the Ukrainian village do without these colors, but I personally do not like this smell at all. And if in the bottle he was even more or less tolerant, then during washing he intensifies so much that he begins to cause a headache.

The texture is thick, creamy, with mother of pearl. Foams in the same way as aloe. Soft, delicate, does not dry anything, but the smell ... Nobody liked the family, so I poured it into a jar of liquid soap and put it on a rainy day, suddenly all the soap in the house will be transferred.
Maybe I'm too strict on this product due to personal dislike for mallow. It is possible that the gel will suit someone else and even like / fall in love.
Estimated price: 29-33 UAH.
Rating: 3-
Test period: 3 weeks
Yves Rocher Culture Bio Nourishing Shower Gel Organic Argan Oil

Nourishing shower gel with organic argan oil is not much different from gel with aloe vera, except that it smells different, but a little thicker. Honestly, I had high hopes for it (apparently, in view of the mass obsession with argan oil), primarily in terms of smell. But he turned out ... I don’t even know how to describe him. Something warm, spicy, terribly specific and unlike anything else. I did not even have a single association with which it could be compared. I can’t say that it’s unpleasant, no, it’s just special. And obviously not in the morning, such a smell few people will invigorate and wake.

The gel is a pleasant golden color, slightly thicker than the gel with aloe. I did not feel any nutrition, if I remove the smell, then the exact same effect as from the previous two gels. You can use it, but without enthusiasm.
Estimated price: 29-33 UAH.
Rating: 4
Test period: 3 weeks
In total, some series that did not impress me at all. Yes, the composition is better than that of standard laureth-sulfate gels, but I did not notice any bright features and differences. It is unlikely that I will buy them again, since not one of them brought me pleasure from the process of taking a shower and washing.
Have you tried Culture Bio gels? Is this just my impression, or are they really boring? Anyway, the second is not the brightest launch for the season (the summer limit is also without star products).

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