Yves Rocher Nutri Nourishing Lip Balm With Sweet Almond Oil Reviews

My post is not addressed to beauticians living in "warm regions". Because it will be about harsh winters, with blizzards, with frosts and with prickly snow. About winter with peeling and frostbite.

(in the collage picture of the Finnish artist Aimo Katajainen)
Almost everyone knows about lip balms from Yves Rocher. But just in case, briefly recall:
company: Yves Rocher
Series: Baumes Levres Soin - Herbal Lip Care
product: "ALMOND: Nourishing Lip Balm"
Description of the manufacturer: Balm nourishes the skin of your lips and gives it a feeling of comfort and tenderness.
Many already know that this balm looks more like a hygienic lipstick than a balm. He never caused feelings of tenderness in me. But when the street is cold, frosty, windy, this balm with almond oil is the most sought-after thing in my house.
Every year, at least three sticks of this balm leave me. Lot? And every winter day, when there is wind, or the temperature drops below 10 degrees below zero, I “paint” the children with not only sponges, but also cheeks, noses, foreheads and chins. The stronger the chance of frostbite on the skin, the larger the area you have to spread. When the frost strongly "pricks", I smear my cheeks and myself.

My impressions:
On the face: the first seconds a feeling of something unusual on the skin, but then it becomes quite comfortable, and there is a feeling of concealment, security. Unlike traditional "anti-frost" means - goose fat and lard interior pork - this balm feels lighter (but somewhat resembles them on the skin), practically does not stick on the skin and almost does not shine. Does not cause irritation to children's skin; it is washed off easily. It protects against frostbite, and does it quickly: cheeks are smeared, and you can immediately go out.
On the lips: in the cold it is a good protective balm, and at other times it seems "heavy". If the lips are already peeling, then additional care will be required.
I really like that the face smeared with this balm practically does not shine. I drew stripes on my cheeks for my son. They are not visible at all in the shade, but in the sun I had to try to catch the angle when they sparkled:
Here they shine in the sun:

But they are not in the shade and in the sun:

Price: 99 rub
Duration of use: 5 years
This year, this balm received other “clothes” from its manufacturers, it remains to check whether the contents have changed

Watch the video: HAUL MY LIP BALMS YVES ROCHER. Elisa Kiki (November 2019).