My cosmetic corner

Today I suggest you look into my beauty corner. I keep my treasure in the chest of drawers and on the chest of drawers, as well as on a small part of the windowsill. Let’s better see what my beauty corner is.

This is a large chest of drawers on which, on the one hand, there are creams, perfumes, lotions and others ... and on the other hand there is another chest of drawers, but smaller, this is where I store my cosmetics. The chest of drawers was bought about 3 years ago in the IKEA store, an ordinary wooden one ... it seemed boring to me and I decided to give it a little charm, that's what came of it

1 side

2 side

On top of the chest of drawers I have: brushes, a cosmetic bag (I take it with me to work, for a walk, in general, leaving home every time), a basket with cosmetics (I put in advance that makeup that I’m going to paint) and my favorite photo

Now I propose to consider each box individually, start with the first box. I keep eye makeup there. Silence, shadows, pencils, eyeliner ... let's just see

Box number 2 has collected all his own means for the face, tonal foundations, powders, highlighters, bronzers, blush and more

In the basket are stored, samplers, sponges and various sooo necessary things)))

3 drawer is all for the lips, it is filled more than all the others

On the large dresser are the rest of the things I need

Next is the windowsill, on it I store nail polishes, a box with accessories and for hair and the most obligatory attribute is flowers

That's all, I hope it was interesting.

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