Festive OPI Warm & Fozzie

Full name of varnish: OPI Warm & Fozzie
Detailed opinion: Prior to beauticians, I recognized only a few varnish options: French, Red, Bordeaux, and Milk. Now I’ve gone crazy and buying up the varnishes that I used to, I would never have painted my nails. This varnish conquered me. When he is on me, I constantly look at my nails. The varnish is multifaceted, depending on the lighting, it completely changes color: in the sun it is gold; in the shadow, bronze; in artificial light, red gold. Consists of many smooth sparkles. It is washed off not just, but not like glitter varnishes that need to be soaked in foil. You just have to drive a fingernail several times with an effort. I did not find any problems with the application. In life, he is a hundred times more beautiful than in the photo photographer I’m useless
The manufacturer declares that the varnish contains natural silk, mother of pearl and amino acids

Price: 5
Rating:about 450 rubles

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