Hakuhodo Po810Mk Enamel brush pouch

Greetings to all Beauticians!
I have long wanted to purchase a small pencil case for brushes in order to take my beloved “pussies” on trips. The choice fell on the Japanese company Hakuhodo. Very very satisfied.
Welcome to the review.

Detailed opinion: The case is just wonderful. Made from faux leather under the varnish with pearl shine. I liked the color of Metal Khaki, in my opinion this is aged gold with a golden tint. Inside - the material is polyurethane, dark brown, thin, easy to wipe. In both compartments there is a transparent plastic protective film from dirt. The cover is sewn neatly, nothing sticks out, the seams are carefully sealed. The case closes with a circular high-quality zipper with two beautiful brass locks.
Let's look inside. There are four flat pockets in the left half of the case. In them I put brushes for shadows. Additionally, you can put cotton buds, small tweezers for eyebrows and a nail file. The right half of the pencil case also has four pockets, they are convex. It is convenient to store brushes with thick handles for powder, blush, highlighter, tonal foundation. Between the pockets there is enough space for thin brushes for eyeliner, corrector.
In total, a maximum of 13-14 brushes can be placed in this small pencil case, depending on the thickness of the handles. Ideally - 4 large brushes for powder and blush, 4-5 brushes for shadows.
The case is lightweight, compact, does not require a lot of space when opened, unlike classic rolls for brushes. Dimensions: height - 20.5 cm, width - 9.5 cm, thickness - 2.5 cm.
Let's consider in more detail.
Color in the sun and locks.

The most loaded.

Inside with new brushes. Soon I will review and compare with similar brushes.
Price: bought for $ 36 (now the price has magically decreased to $ 28.)
Test period: more than 1 month.
Thanks to everyone who is interested.
I am Ira, on the "you".