A little turquoise in the rainy summer of St. Petersburg

Good day to all!
I wanted to show a simple version of summer makeup. Its charm is that it can be performed in any shade, changing only one shadow. (It was really done in a painful state, so some redness and swelling of the eyes are visible)

So, for starters, apply the base to the upper eyelid. I have an Essence database here.
On the entire eyelid we apply a beige shade of shadows with a light layer.
Draw a light arrow with a black pencil. More precisely, not even an arrow, but a contour.
Next, put strokes on the pencil in the corner of the eye and blend it. The next step is to apply the selected main color of the shadows to the middle of the century and also gently blend.
I had these turquoise shadows from Jeans.
we also draw with a pencil a light arrow on the lower eyelid and also slightly shade it.
In the formed corner between the arrows, we put white shadows, I had it from Jeans so that it was not so saturated.
Black and gray shades can darken the shaded outer corner of the eye, and apply light beige shadows to the inner. And make up the cilia. the makeup is ready.

This makeup was done under such a dress: It turned out harmoniously)
As the main color said, you can make any, which is very convenient.
Thanks to all!

Watch the video: Turquoise Watercolour Comparison PART 22. Schmincke, White Nights, Mijello, Kuretake (November 2019).