My July Lacquer Report: Opi, Impala Professional, Sophin, GR Paris and Yves Rosher

For a long time I did not do a post-combined hodgepodge. But due to the summer mood, the color of my nails often changes! (I think, like most girls) To do a review on one manicure is not very interesting, but I want to share my varnish acquisitions! Who is interested, traditionally ask for a cut!

I liked the idea of ​​a two-color manicure. I first tried the light pastel version. But realizing what I like, I decided on a more contrasting one! Two of my favorite pawls took part in it!
Full name of varnish: OPI No. NL V01 Chapel of love and Impala Professional No. 52.
Detailed opinion: Both varnishes are good. They have the same creamy texture with the smallest shimmer. OPI - pink-coral shade, Impala - rich yellow. They give an even coating in 2 layers without stripes and bald spots. Both varnishes are worn for 5 days. Excellent durability, gloss. In the photo, manicure for 5 days (visible on the overgrown edge), varnish applied without a top. Your gloss.
Swatch: Daylight:
General form

Price: OPI - 380 p., Impala - 200 p.
Rating: 5+  
Next varnish
Full name of varnish: Sophin No. 20 Series "Ceramic"
Detailed opinion: A beautiful lap of the professional brand Sophin of the Barbie-style shade, but not too cloyingly pink. Lacquer texture cream perfectly fits in 2 layers. Has its own gloss. But I still put on the top (more out of habit). Worn up to 4 days without chips and scratches. But abrasion of the tips may appear earlier. Although with the base and top I wear 5 days in excellent condition.

Price: 350 p.
Rating: 5
The next varnish is my spring-summer favorite!
Full name of varnish: Golden rose Paris No. 84
Detailed opinion: I really liked this democratic brand for quality and a huge palette.
At one time I was sick with orange varnish, as well as yellow this year! This polish is a bright orange jelly. In one layer, transparent on the 2nd everything is OK, but the free edge of the nail can shine through. In the photo, the varnish is applied in 3 (!) Layers. It does not strip at all, does not bubble. I wear it like all varnishes for 5 days (but as I can conclude that you can wear it even longer) It dries quickly, it erases easily.
In the photo he somehow looks like neon. But this is not so, it just has a rich orange color, without an admixture of yellow / red / coral.
Swatch: Daylight:

Price: 100 p.
Rating: 5 (excellent quality)
After such vivid experiments, I want something transparent, easy in manicure ... So, meet
Full name of varnish: Yves Rosher Luminelle No. 08 Argent etincelant
Detailed opinion: Varnish with a talking name - Shimmering silver. Silver-blue metallic with small, but very multiple glitter. Lies down like all glitter varnishes - a rough finish. He needs a glossy top to smooth out the roughness. The lap itself is very transparent. In the photo, it is applied in 2 layers without a top (to better show its texture) Resistant, like all similar representatives. But it is removed without problems.
It is very beautiful to use it as a top coat in 1 layer. The volume of this minka is only 3 ml.
Swatch: Daylight:

In the shadow:
Price: 120 p.
Rating: 5
p.s .: I hope not much tired! Thank you for reading to the end!

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