Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 - love from the second zilch

Hello dear girls!   Not so long ago, I became the owner of the legendary 1 molecule Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules. Who cares about my opinion, Wellcome to cat!
I think many are familiar with this unusual perfume from Geza Shoen.

All molecules (there are 3 types of just molecules and 3 types of eccentric molecules) are unisex perfumes. The official description of my molecule: "Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules consists of one single ingredient, which is known in the perfumery world as Iso E Super. By itself, it produces, rather than aroma, but effect. Using this perfume, you can feel a pleasant, delicate and velvety woody note , which suddenly disappears, and after some time also appears again unexpectedly. In addition, this molecule produces on others an effect similar to that of pheromones. "
This is how a 100 ml bottle looks, slightly different from 30.
By the way, visually, the molecules are quite concise, but tasteful. Caps are missing as unnecessary (as Geza Schoen said "they are lost anyway"). This is how my 30 ml molecule is packaged.
Now find out my story.  
I often came across posts of beauticians about different variations of the molecules. The fact that the composition includes only one component, and on each it will smell in its own way. I love everything unusual and innovative, so I became very interested. I really wanted to listen to the smell of famous molecules)
For several days in a row I read the information and chose "my" molecule. As a result, I got completely confused in them. And finally, the Sheremetyevsky duty-free! I immediately called a consultant, because there was porridge in my head, and it would not hurt to figure it out.
On each bottle was the inscription "apply only to the body." As a result, I sprayed all my hands in different places with molecules and began to listen. 3 series of molecules seemed to me heavy and a little masculine. And the consultant advised me to choose 1 or 2. I sniffed myself for a long time and could not decide. The consultant, seeing my confusion, suggested that I take 01 molecule per sample, especially since the volume there was 30 ml. (in 30 ml. only 1 molecule and an eccentric 1 are released). I decided to think and listen. I went and listened for 2 hours   ) By the way, I read that you don’t have to feel the molecule at all (just molecule 01 and 02, not an eccentric). This happened to my girlfriend. On herself, she did not hear her point blank, but on me - on the contrary, she said that it smells nice. And I felt it on myself and on my friend (she didn’t smell like a girlfriend, somehow harshly). The molecule revealed itself unusually on me: a little freshness, wood and the cleanliness of freshly washed clothes) I can’t say that I was delighted with the aroma, but there was clearly something like that in it) And I took it! And I did not regret it at all (unless about 30 ml, I had to take a hundred parts).
Then on the plane I decided to open the box and cushion 2 times. And all ... I fell in love)))
And now more about the fragrance when I fully heard it: a little woody note + purity / freshness + a certain smell of a loop. This is how I perceive the molecule. Just imagine, when in the evening and in the morning of the next day any perfumes disappear, but there remains an hardly perceptible train on clothes, hair, a pillow. I also have associations with my mother’s smell, she always smelled light and very gentle. So her bag smells, her things, right on nostalgia breaks through)
I feel the molecule not always, but in waves. This is an unusual aroma. By the way, I have never loved wood notes. My collection has only sweet and floral perfumes, but the molecule is something special. It can be used in the heat, in the cold, at any time of the day. This is a universal fragrance! And very persistent! The cosmetic bag where the bottle was lying on vacation still smells)
Arriving home, I decided to experiment. I sprayed it on mom - she doesn’t really feel it, but the molecule takes on a sweet note. This is not observed on me. I sprayed my dad - a pure masculine scent, fresh and pleasant, more harsh than on me and mom!
Price for 30 ml: 85 euros.
Rating: 5 with a huge amount of pluses!
Here is such an unusual perfume. I want to take a closer look at the other molecules and of course take 100 ml!
I hope I didn’t tire of you with such a long post, I just have a lot of emotions and delight in molecule 01!
P.S. Little pictures, but perfumes do not need swatch)))

Watch the video: Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules Fragrance Cologne Review (November 2019).