Real Golden

Gold from GR

Golden rosefashion color nail lacquer 37

I already said that I grab varnishes indiscriminately
to which the eye "twitched" then I take
usual brush, already familiar to me (due to a sufficient number of varnishes GR)
that's how he dazzles in the sun

everywhere in the shade with flash
I tried to catch the radiance that this varnish emits
enough I was tormented with him and with the phone, that would still catch at least something
Of course GR looks cheaper and golden
the varnish remotely resembles Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color 607 Deligh
taken from here
I hope Natalia will not mind

Here is what I encountered during application:
from different angles, it seems like the varnish is shining through. maybe he really shines through, or is it a hoax. I still don’t understand.
on all swatch varnish in two layers, on the third I did not dare.
the varnish itself is also liquid, so if you type a lot on the brush, you can get a kind of porridge, which then can not be smoothed out. I paint first in one thin layer, staining a semicircle at the cuticle, and then denser to block baldness (another small flaw) on the first layer
it is erased, of course, easier than glitters, but it still takes time (cotton + railway + time)
but plus to him for the fact that he does not form a roughness of the coating and for the fact that it dries quickly
I paint both hands with the first layers, and when I paint the second layer on my right hand, the left one is already “concrete”.
Price: 30r
Rating: 5 for color; 4- due to difficulty in application

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