Highest sun protection - where to look?

Good day to all! In September I was planning to go to rest, sitting at work, I already had thoughts somewhere on the Cote d'Azur, but there is one thing that darkens everything - I can’t sunbathe. Absolutely. No, of course I can be in the sun, but only with protection. As I understand it, sunscreen differs from Sanskrin in that it allows you to tan to some extent and only protects against burns. Accordingly, I need a screen for the body, so that not the slightest uf-filter penetrates the skin layers. In previous years, I did not need such a tough defense, so I even without a clue where to look and whether there are such tools at all. I have La Roche-Posay SPF-50 sunscreen and despite its deep and strong protection, the pharmacy assured me that this is the latest development, other brands protect weaker than even in a metropolis, the skin is browned. Beauticians, dear, tell me where to look?

Watch the video: SUNSCREEN in UV (November 2019).