Shadows of L'oreal Color Infaillible No. 13 Cherry Star

Background: I wanted these shadows for a long time ... and it was a cherry star ... But constantly there were more needed purchases. And they, poor ones, were all waiting in the wings. And so, purely by chance in some small cosmetic store, in a foreign city, on vacation, at the Loreal stand, my gaze clung to two lonely jars of green shade No. 22 and my heart-warming No. 13 Burning black or Cherry Star in our opinion (translation difficulties ) The price was cheaper than in Rive Gauche, and I decided that enough was enough - we had to take it. And then, only delight!

From the manufacturer: Persistent saturated color 24 hours. Do not grease, do not crumble (here they lied)
From me:Shadows L'oreal Color Infaillible No. 13 Cherry Star ... I love this color. In different lighting conditions it can be black-violet with blue sparkles, burgundy, brown-raspberry, red-violet with golden reflections!
Saturated? Yes! Color can be shaded into a light haze, I tint the corners of my eyes with them for business makeup, but still prefer to create Vampires look or smokey eyes with them!
Persistent? Oh, yes! They are kept nailed for the whole day, of course, I haven’t experienced a day, but for 10 hours they’ll spit. Makeup is not corrected, do not fall into a crease at all. For my fat eyelids, this is a breakthrough and an Olympic record. None of the cream shades I tried can withstand even until noon.
Texture- not cream ... I had a comparison with a soft pencil, they took a pencil, cut it and tamped it in a jar. Personally, I have such associations.
Obedient in application ... lie down without bald spots, in a dense layer. But there are one that gets scattered when applied terribly, so I brush them off with a brush, and pour more powder under my eyes. That is, first I paint my eyes, and only then I make a tone and gloss over the flaws.
Eyelids do not dry, do not cause other discomfort.
It is difficult to wash off, in the process of washing off with the usual means you turn into a raccoon crumb, a bunch of cotton pads leaves. Two-phase works better with them, enough pairs of disks.
Bottom line: I'll take off half a point for flowability, my rating is 5-
I use a month.
Price 274 rub for 3.5 grams
And now the photo
The jar is plastic, the lid covers the shadows
swatch in daylight, sunlight and in some places with a flash.
shadow in a jar

swatch on the finger and hand in the sun and in the shade

and on the eyes

flash (visible microscopic spangles)
daylight and the sun

Girls who have not tried it, try At least poke your fingers at the tester, I think you will not be disappointed.
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