A little more Ren

I hasten to tell you about a new portion of funds from Ren.

Active Eye Gel Ren Active 7 Radiant Eye Gel

I like to buy products of the same brand with rulers - if you can’t get everything from cleansing and toning to masks, then at least a set of creams and serums. In this case, for some reason, Ren didn’t meet with products for cleaning this particular line, and this line does not have daytime products, so she took night serum, night cream and eye gel (more for the company than for real necessity). The gel is a narrow bottle (15 ml) with a pump-dispenser that clearly measures the amount needed for one eye, otherwise I am a generous girl, I can squeeze so much out of the tube inadvertently that it’ll be enough for the whole face :) The bottle is very ergonomic, it’s convenient take with you on trips.
The gel is practically odorless and tasteless, very delicate and light, but I don’t advise them to get into the eyes, it can significantly pinch. It is absorbed almost instantly, for some time I even thought that the skin was not enough of the amount that I applied, and re-applied the gel, but the same thing repeated - the gel was absorbed without residue. No stickiness! After observing the skin under the eyes, I came to the conclusion that it moisturizes, despite such absorption, is very good, it refreshes the skin, and it is pleasant to use it especially in the mornings. I can not say anything about the fight against edema, because I do not suffer from them, but I read that many gel are praised precisely for the fight against them; he doesn’t diminish dark circles, but I haven’t yet seen a remedy that really does this and I don’t even pay special attention to my bruises under my eyes. About 3 weeks I used a solo gel, the last week I use oily serum for the eyes, the gel does not conflict with it and is still well absorbed. But it conflicts with the HR concealer, and I have to use different shamanistic dances so that the concealer does not roll on this gel. What I can complain about besides rolling the concealer is that the gel does not give a lifting effect and does not fight the wrinkle under the left eye, which I would like to remove.
Conclusion: a great refreshing product for use in the morning by young girls without any age or facial problems. For older aunts like me, something stronger is needed.
Price: 20 Eng. pounds
Duration of use: 1 month
Skin refreshment under the eyes: 5 out of 5
Packaging and dispenser: 5 out of 5
Absorbency: 5 out of 5
Lifting effect: 3 out of 5
Compatibility with care products: 5 out of 5
Compatibility with decorative products: 3 out of 5

Ren Omega 3 Night Repair Serum

Dispensers of all funds presented in the post.

The tool is original, but I like it. A traditional Ren bottle with a pump dispenser, slightly translucent, where you can see how much money is left and it's time to run for a new one. The serum has an oily texture, but very liquid, I had to learn how to squeeze it on my fingers so that it did not run into the sink. The smell is murderous - pear stewed fruit and some other fruit, just an overnight meal :) It is absorbed for a long time, up to 5-7 minutes, but I do it as follows: I apply serum on my face and do some of my own business (for example, I clean teeth), it is absorbed during this time and night cream can be applied to it. In general, the manufacturer does not prohibit applying the cream directly to serum that has not been fully absorbed, and I did not wait several times and applied the cream, nothing bad happened, but somewhere at the subconscious level it seems to me that I still need to wait until the serum is absorbed. However, even after soaking, the face looks like an oil pancake, so girls who do not like this effect from care products should take this into account. The main advantage of the product is the nutrition of the skin of the face, which I saw after the first application: the skin is nourished, it becomes more elastic, there is no sign of fatigue or dehydration. Apparently, this is all from the polyunsaturated fatty acids that make up Omega-3 serum, which help regenerate the skin and enhance the natural process of cell renewal. It also contains rosehip seed oil and wheat germ. Even the rashes on the face began to pass much faster! It is in this that I see the originality of the serum: on the one hand - oil, on the other - not a single clogged pore, and inflammation has passed. Can be used for all skin types.
Price: 34 Eng. pounds
Duration of use: 3 weeks
Bottle and dispenser: 5 out of 5
Smell: 10 out of 5
Texture: 5- out of 5 (can run away from the arm)
Skin nutrition and hydration, regeneration: 10 out of 5

Revitalizing Night Cream

The cream, as the manufacturer advises, is ideally combined with the serum described above. Pure truth even visually! If after the serum the face looks like a fat pancake, then after applying the cream, the fatiness leaves and the face becomes not so dull, but the shine is removed and the face looks just perfectly moisturized and well-groomed. It feels to the touch as the skin is nourished and satisfied :) Even with chronic lack of sleep, the face looks as if you are observing the daily routine and sleep for 8 hours or more. The cream has the same magical fruity smell as whey, but in texture it is not oily, but rather a light souffle that is perfectly absorbed. Pretty economical, like whey. Judging by the composition, it contains a lot of useful substances, including vitamin C, which has a very beneficial effect on me, I’ve been especially trying lately to buy more products where it is present in the composition.
I will tell you a secret, I purchased these products in the midst of the summer heat and, when I started using them, I didn’t really like them. But I decided to give the funds one more chance and took them out again when the cooling and rains began. Here it is, it's time to use these tools in my case! So do not rush to throw away an unsuitable remedy - it may be worth removing it before the next season ...
Price: 32 lbs.
Duration of use: 3 weeks
Bottle and dispenser: 5 out of 5
Smell: 10 out of 5
Texture: 5 out of 5 (light souffle)
Skin nutrition and hydration, regeneration: 10 out of 5
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