MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow (Duo) Reviews

Hello girls, I want to share with you my vivid impressions of the beauty of unearthly. More specifically, the mineral shadows from the autumn MAC collection in the shade of Universal Appeal

I want to warn in advance that I am far from an expert in the field of decorative cosmetics testing, but I will try very hard to convey my impressions to you.
For starters, a little makeup in the shade with incident light.
In this photo on the upper eyelid, the shadows are completely funny in one color.
And in daylight
On the lower eyelid under the eyelash growth line - from the nose is golden, then purple
There is a bit of photoshop (if someone noticed), but purely from aesthetic motives - so that any imperfections in the skin would not spoil the impression, this did not affect the color of the shadows.
And now the main thing is the shade. Some time ago, I began to look for some kind of complex purple, my choice almost fell on Chanel Vanitas, but it stopped that there is the most beautiful color that everyone knows about, but all the remaining three would not suit me personally. And then at the beautician I saw a post about the new MAC collection, and immediately, at the first opportunity, I went to test them, and without hesitation I got this particular shade, which I am endlessly happy about. Firstly, they are mineral, secondly they are shimmer (as I like), thirdly, they do not just shine, but shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow in the sun, and there’s such a bonus ... they have so much variety! 3 colors intertwined - brown, gold and purple. And all this can be used separately, or it can be interfered in different proportions - from here we get many shades for every taste (within the given colors, of course).
In terms of durability, it’s on the base all day, without the base it is practically the same. With my - that century, when everything slides down to dinner - they really surprised me with their presence after 7-8 hours of socks.
And now a little swatch on the hands, made in the sun and in the shade, if something didn’t say something, I hope I could convey the rest in the photo.
3 colors individually - gold, purple, brown

Pay attention - in the shade in brown the lilac pallet is clearly visible, it disappeared in the sun
It turned out a little differently - golden, all together are not very mixed, sorry, and purple

And this is all mixed up, with this application something incredible happens - the shade seems to be brown, under other lighting it turns violet, it gives off gold, it doesn’t shine, but it is so elegant and unobtrusive that it seems that space has stood still before our eyes ... You need to peer into it and feel it.
The term of use is 1.5-2 weeks
My rating is 5+, durability, play of colors, well, the shade itself is just super
Price 22 $
I will be happy to answer all your questions.
Thanks for attention,
Regards, Anya

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