Experimental makeup in pink and orange shades

Good day to all! A photo example, a diagram and what happened are my attempts to reproduce makeup in similar shades, adjusted for the impending eyelid. Again, makeup is not for life, I’m just learning and the goal of this post is your criticism and technical tips.

For an example I took a picture from the MINI magazine No. 7 IOL 2012 Burda Ukraine. Photo: Votre Beaut / East News. Immediately make a reservation that I did not try to copy with accuracy for small things. I just used similar shades.

From the palette Sleek Acid I Divine Pallet chose three shades - matte white 1, matte neon pink 2, matte neon orange.

On the entire eyelid, up to the eyebrow, she applied matte white, and on the lower eyelid. Slightly stepping away from the corner of the eye, she applied a pink shadow to the middle, dimming it from above with white. From the middle of the century to the outer corner - orange, the lower eyelid from the middle to the outer corner. Also on the lower eyelid, stepping back from the inner corner, put a slight accent pink, muffling it white. Blurred the borders, a white pencil on the mucous membrane and eyelashes with black mascara.


I understand that the result is completely different than the model, but I remind you - I just decided to try on these shades and try to make the technically correct one. Waiting for your comments and advice!

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