Double shadows with a silk texture Silver No. 02 TianDe (Satiny Eye Shadow Duo Silver No. 02 TianDe)

Not so long ago, I met with a consultant from Tiande and took a sample of several products from the care series, as well as from decorative cosmetics. Today I will introduce you to the shadows from Tiande: Double shadow with a silk texture Silver No. 02
Who cares, please :)
Detailed opinion:
I will tell and immediately show what, where and how :))) When they came to me, they were lying in a gray cardboard box.
The shadows themselves are in a translucent package of fairly high-quality plastic. The cap is mirror.
Open the box and see the shadows themselves, a sponge and a mirror.

The sponge is certainly not ice, rubberized, the shadows are typed well by him, but they are almost never applied to the eyelids, so now it lies and becomes dusty. Well, the shadows themselves are very pleasant to the touch, and the truth is as if silk. When typing on a sponge (I don’t use brushes) they do not crumble, they are applied and stewed very easily, they stay on the base (Vivien Szabo) all day and do not fade. I like them very much and will buy other colors from the same series. Alright, enough words, see for yourself:
Shadow texture

This is how they look on the fingers:

Shadows in daylight from different angles (bottom with base top without base):

Shadows near daylight:
artificial light and flash:
And the composition for those interested:
Here's the makeup of the day: the shadows of Tiande, the arrow in black pencil, without mascara (forgive me, as I was able to photograph my eyes):
Price: 140 rub with discount.
Test period: 1 month
In general, my name is Olga and to me on "you".
Z.Y. How do you take photos of eyelids? I can’t do it

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