Essie # 48

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Essie 48 Nail Polish

My next favorite!
Wrote the number of varnish, I can’t understand where the name went. Usually opposite the number ... but here is the emptiness ...

Detailed opinion:
This love is long
The color I like is so dark, sometimes even black, the texture of the varnish is liquid, but does not spread. In 1 layer it streaks, in 2 a perfect coating. Durability ... so, here’s a different story, it struck the first day without top coat and base, the result was chipped the very next day (this is for the sake of experiment, I usually always put the top) with the top for 3 days, the tips are erased a little bit even I used UE "Ultra Shine Nails", maybe with some kind of super-protective coating will last longer, but 3 days is enough for me, usually I don’t wear longer, so everything suits! I like a fairly large volume of 13.5 ml.
In all photos, 2 layers, made on a sunny day, the weather finally pleases us
1 day.

2 day.
3 day.

the color in the bulb is sooo beautiful! but on the nails it looks very dark!
Cost: 300 rubles
Rating: 5 ++ (no matter what)

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