I ask the help of perfume lovers

Good day to all! My question is ripe.
How do you feel about oriental flavors? Spicy, choking sweet, warm?
I am madly in love, but ... It seems to me that with my cold type of appearance (blue eyes, blond hair and skin) they generally do not combine and do not "sound". Maybe it's about age, maybe it's too early for me to wear these? Because they are revealed with incomprehensible bitterness and astringency, although in the bottle you can hear the warmth and softness of the aroma.
I ask for your help in selecting a fragrance that could combine. I want to find my "warm". Maybe some of the selectives, maybe some of the usual perfume abundance
I understand that this is very difficult, everything needs to be tested on yourself and so on, but suddenly among all of us there is the same as me) or maybe I'm all alone afraid of such aromas
Thank you all in advance for your help!

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