Hair Oil: Express Method

About a year ago, my good friend, seeing in my hands a bottle of tea tree oil (which, by the way, I just lubricated the bites of mosquitoes), said: "Ahh, you wash your hair with oil too!".
Since this all started.

When she explained to me in more detail what she had in mind when she said “wash your head with oil”, my eyes became much rounder, and my mouth did not want to close with surprise. Everything seemed too simple, cheap, quickly (I like it the most) and so-it-never-happens. However, it happens ...
Today I want to talk about this technique of using essential and cosmetic oils, which allows you to save time, suddenly someone else will come in handy.
So, my usual shampoo is coming. When the most common favorite shampoo is poured into the palm of my hand and ready to be applied to the hair, I add a few drops of oil to it.
Different oils require different amounts. But more on this below.

I put the mixture on my hair, foam it as usual, massage it for a minute or two (you can do it without it), and wash it off. Everything. Then I do not need air conditioning or balm. I have not been using it for a year now
What kind results:
hair fall decreased significantly;
hair moisturized, vibrant, shiny;
if you had to wash your hair before every other day (by the end of the second day your hair looked dirty), now with bath procedures you can pull another day or two: the appearance allows.
We can say that "in a minute or two, and even with shampoo, there will be no sense from oil." But nothing like that! All oil properties described in the annotations are disclosed. And how! Almost from the first application! And this is very convenient - you quickly understand whether this oil is suitable for you, or if you need to look for something else.
Friends who were told about this trick first of all asked the question: "And then the hair is not oily?" No, if you did not go too far with oil, then the hair is not at all oily, but like after a balm.
Of course, you should not use oil before dyeing your hair, but after dyeing - that's it!
I would also like to add: "Read the instructions!" . Because practically in all annotations to oils it is written: it is used for enrichment of cosmetics (including shampoos, conditioners and balms), and dosages are offered.
About the method of application - that's it. Now about the oils I tested.
I started by adding tea tree oil (because at that time I had only this oil), then I used jojoba oil for a long time, and now I compose the composition: I use 2-3 oils at the same time.
Now I’ll tell you more about each:
1. Tea Tree Oil
In the accompanying annotations, nothing is written about the effect on the hair. But I had no other oils then, so I tried to add it to the shampoo. 6-7 drops. My hair liked this oil: glistening, elastic, not electrified. After about a couple of months, I noticed the appearance of rare dry scales on my head. That is, I overdried the skin, but the bottle was almost over. Goodbye my veteran!
2. Jojoba cosmetic oil
Well, this is a classic. Add from 6 to 15 drops. It seems that about this oil you can say "you can’t spoil our porridge with this oil." Now I use constantly and solo, and to dilute various other oils.
3. Avocado oil
My hair also accepted this oil with joy, but it should be added less: 3-4 drops. In case of an overdose of oil, the hair after washing for strangers looks clean, but I have a feeling that my hair is coated with something silicone-like.
4. Olive oil
She took it from the kitchen when the oil in the small bottles suddenly ran out. Olive oil should be unrefined, slightly bitter in taste and smell natural. Added 7-8 drops. The hair seemed thicker, but somehow it was uncomfortable. It’s hard to even describe what you didn’t like. It seemed that the hair was gathering dust faster, styling kept worse. But the scalp felt great! But at that moment it was not relevant. Maybe it was necessary to drip less, and perhaps, personally, this oil did not suit me.
5. Sunflower oil
Also took from the kitchen as an experiment. The oil must be real, i.e. fragrant, vibrant, and the right taste should be required. I was dripping 7-8 drops, now I know that it is too much. As a result, the hair was too heavy, although it shone well. The scalp was like after a cream, not a very pleasant feeling during the day. I will still experiment with him ...
6. Butter Thyme ordinary
A very controversial attitude aroused in me. The description says - restores damaged hair after chemistry, numerous discoloration. Wow: the hair after it is just fabulous. But the smell! Some kind of mixture of wormwood, oregano and St. John's wort. It smells very strong, and the smell from the hair does not disappear for a very long time. 4-12 hours, depending on the portion of oil received.
And it’s liquid, it pours much easier than the rest of my oils. The first time I did not even realize that I had already added a lot of oil, I thought that it was just dripping water from my hand. Three hours later, I had to be at a meeting with the director of my daughter's Lyceum, and it smells of me like the drunk who had drunk the Cologne cologne. (I know there is no such cologne, but I felt terrible!)
Then I began to interfere with 3-4 drops of thyme and 6-7 drops of jojoba. The smell was less felt and weathered in 2 hours. Now I completely refused to use this oil, because it turned out that from the smell of thyme the pressure decreases.
And yet: it was after the thyme oil that my hair looked and felt its best.
7. Star anise oil
I chose between ylang-ylang oil and geranium. I could not choose, took anise. The ylang-ylang and geraniums in the instructions say that they are suitable for daily hair care. Anise had nothing written about hair at all! But with tea tree oil it was the same, so I’ll try. It seems that anise oil should rejuvenate the skin, which means it won’t hurt the scalp. I also really like its smell. Add 3-4 drops to jojoba oil. I use it about once every two weeks, while my hair is in order.
8. Massage Oil "Oriental Beauty Rituals", Daniel Jouvance
Once upon a time I received it as a gift. I did not manage to use it before the expiration date, and the instructions suggest that it be used as a restoring and nourishing agent for hair. So shampoo him! It mixes well with shampoo, is absorbed normally by the hair, the hair is happy, and so am I.
9. Lemon Oil
My daughter mixes 3-4 drops of lemon oil with 7-8 drops of jojoba oil. For shine of fair hair.
You can also add that it is very important how the oil is dosed. For example, such a dispenser cap:
disgusting. Oil drips very slowly, and if you “help” it (ie shake it), then the drops will scatter in all directions.
This one is much more convenient:
Oil flows out faster, drops are measured very easily.
You have to store convenient caps, and then replace the "bad" with the "good"
Everything! Thanks to everyone who read the post.

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