How to keep the lacquer wearing time?

Beautiful girls, your help is very necessary!
Whatever nail polish I use, the tips begin to wear off almost on the second, rarely on the third day. This is a problem for me, because walking with such nails is at least ugly from the side, and it's scary to look at me. And repainting them every two days is also annoying, and time is not always enough. At least three days - four pass - this would be quite enough, more and not necessary.
I read on the Internet that nails should be degreased before applying the varnish, manicure masters advise to use the base and fixer, I admit evenly - I do not do any of this. It seems to me if you apply the base - then two layers of varnish - the top is still on top, then everything will dry for me for about two hours or it will quickly smear.
Tell us how you deal with this problem, what means are used to increase the period of wearing varnish. Or just advise a good fixer. Thanks in advance to all who responded

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