Crime Against Pores: Two Suspects

Girls, I ask you today to join the investigation and help me solve a crime that was completely against my already imperfect skin
Yesterday, while visiting, quite by accident I glanced briefly into the mirror and gasped already: the light fell in this way, I saw that my cheeks, chin and partly forehead were literally strewn with small "pimples." I exclude an allergic reaction, because I know what it is And not to say that it all happens in one day, it’s just that the light in the house is more subdued and I didn’t notice all this disgrace in full or I just didn’t want to notice But then I already realized: nooo , do not pull, you need to carefully analyze your departure. I ask you to help me in this. For the sake of completeness, I enclose a photo from the crime scene:

A little background: literally half a year ago, my combi skin with infrequent rashes rebelled and turned into oily, problematic with constant problems in the form of inflamed hypoderms and pustules. In a panic, I literally began to buy pharmacy cosmetics - it all started with Exfoliaca, gel and its famous Acnemega worse, then La roche pose, partially Bioderma and Payot. Examined, since March I'm on a diet. I turned to cosmetologists and dermatologists, and I thought that everything was done. Cleansing, peeling, antibiotics, talkers - do not give even a short-term effect. In principle, I already did everything that I could, so now I decided not to torment myself with worries and just wait out this "transitional age" for 21 years after all - suddenly the hormones pass will calm down
I take care carefully:
Cleansing - Micellar Bioderm and Effaclar Cleansing Gel
Toning Hamamelis Tonic Lotion by Corres
mud, clay masks, compulsory exfoliation with scrubs and peels every day, something I conjure in the bathroom
Also, with the advent of problems, she decided to completely switch to mineral makeup. From decoration I use only her. Already tonal afraid. They are gathering dust.
What has happened to my skin in recent years, namely, large-scale "clogging" since I associate with just two products from my care. The main one is:
With the onset of sunny days, this year I decided to start taking care of my skin, protect and protect it, all the more so with acids, by the way, now I put them off until the fall. I read for a long time, searched, dug and finally decided. So I got it - ANTHELIOS Anthelios SPF 30 Fluid Extrem AS. I used it without much enthusiasm, there was nothing to compare with, I believed in its high degree of protection, but now it seems to me like some kind of bold face. It seems to me that the skin with his participation is oily a lot more, in general, uncomfortable, the only thing I dream about with him is to wash my face as soon as possible!
Maybe it’s precisely these feelings of mine that have influenced the fact that I blame him, despite the fact that he is declared by the manufacturer as a remedy for oily, problem skin. And it seems like he assured it is not comedogenic. But, as they say, trust, but verify, so I am enclosing a photo of the composition:

Well and less in detail about the second remedy, which also fell a shadow of doubt but a little less
Cream-gel with pomegranate for oily skin from Korres.
Mineral oil free
Without silicone
No propylene glycol
Ethanolamine free
Enriched with natural extracts
This product is also intended for oily skin. And in principle there are no complaints in his direction. I like the way it nourishes the skin, the texture is not so oily, although I use it only at night - it is still not suitable for makeup - the skin is oily even more. although since spring my skin and sebum itself has been producing in unmeasured quantities. The naturalness promised by the manufacturer especially warms my soul But not everything that is natural is good for the skin, so the composition also does not go around:
Girls! I am not so strong in decoding and interpreting the ingredients, so I ask you not to be indifferent! Maybe someone personally came across a similar one! Just in case, at the moment, I limited my care to cleansing and toning, mineral makeup as a sun block. Just afraid now to use something else. I'd love to hear your tips on dealing with hated tubercles
P.S. Of creams on the shelf matting Exfoliac is still huddled
and Effaklar N from La Roche
(I used it in the winter and when I brought my skin to the state of SOS)
But due to some kind of manic fear, I’m already afraid of them lately and it’s already approaching seriously
I am Eve. Of course you are!

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