The smell of the bride or a set of miniatures from Chloe

What is it - the smell of purity with a share of innocence, the smell of classics with a share of modernity and the smell of love with a share of peace?
Well for me it’s without a doubt the smell of roses and Chloe perfumes.
That, in my opinion, should be the smell that accompanies us on this exciting and beautiful day, the wedding day ...
Today I want to tell you about a set of miniatures purchased in duty free, in which (again in my opinion)
any bride will be able to find the very fragrance that resonates precisely with her personal sensations from this exciting triumph.
Since there are 3 types of perfume in my set, I will describe everything in order:
A photo:

Full name of perfume: Chloe- parfum de roses - set of miniatures 5 * 5ml
Description from the manufacturer and the pyramid:
1.Chloe Eau de Parfum is an updated classic fragrance with Chloe's traditional handwriting. Amber floral perfume was created by Michel Almairac and Amandine Marie. This is a floral bouquet, which is a composition of notes of peony, lychee and freesia. The smells of roses, magnolias and lilies are the heart of the fragrance, interwoven with the breath of ambergris and cedar, lying in a train. The fragrance was created for women in the style of Chloe: romantic, sexy and sensual. Base notes of aroma: peony, rose, freesia, lychee, ambergris, cedar.
opinion: The bride at Chloe Eau de Parfum is simply a “lady of excellence”. The outfit and hairstyle are perfect, a hazy curtain in my eyes in anticipation of an exciting event, and at the same time a certain restraint of feelings.
Classics, but not cold and boring, but diluted with originality and enveloping with delicate pink dope.

source -Grace & Style. Edition- Bride To Be Australia May-June 2011, Photographer- Julie Adams.
Estimated price: ~ $ 70 for 50 ml
2. Natural and feminine Chloe Eau de Toilette is the embodiment of the versatility of female nature. Pink petals, saturated and powdery in eau de parfum, now find a new sound. Hints of mandarin in the "beginning", freesia and watermelon in the "heart" and a shade of sandalwood and fresh iris in the "base" give the composition a light and luminous character.
opinion: The bride at Chloe Eau de Toilette is the embodiment of femininity and purity.
Again, the image is original, bright, unbroken, but at the same time in the spirit of the classics. The smell is revealed by splashes of sparkling pink champagne and settles on your skin for the whole day with a thin, weightless-looping, bewitching breath of purity, playing and shimmering with the delicate smell of roses.

source - Photographer Lilia Gorlanova for a private event
Estimated price: ~ $ 70 for 50 ml
3. The composition of spirits called with a new name - L'Eau de Chloe, is fresh! Notes of orange, lime, grapefruit continue with rose motifs. And this whole bouquet is complemented by the patchouli aroma. Chords of rose petals and natural H2O-distillate roses give the aroma a moist, dewy sound. And for a warm and elegant trail of aroma the patchouli base is responsible
opinion: The bride at L'Eau de Chloe is the embodiment of tenderness. Flower wedding in the garden, bathed in the rays of the warm sun ...
Merging with nature, Citrus and fresh notes like fresh flowers in the hair, a dress fluttering in a warm wind, the smells of flowers brought from the garden. Barely perceptible “green” notes of young foliage, a little citrus freshness and the aftertaste is the same, recognizable Chloe train from a million roses .

source - Photo by Larissa Clevelend for a private event.
Estimated price: ~ $ 70 for 50 ml
Detailed opinion: On my own I can only add that on my “important day” my choice settled on the first option, so every time I breathe this fragrance, a wave of trepidation, tenderness and expectation of a miracle comes upon me; about)))
I also want to add that the right attitude on the wedding day helps us to keep this “feeling” of the holiday in our hearts and in this Chloe is able to help us.
Be beautiful and happy!
Main photo source - Martha Stewart Weddings for a private event.
Set Price: 60$

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