Armani Rouge D'Armani Lipstick Reviews

I know that nude lipsticks are still the lot of fair-skinned blondes, but what to do if you really want to) I think I'm not the only one who was seduced by the beige line of rouge d "Armani lipsticks after wonderful BrunettkA posts about these lipsticks (here they are 100 and 102 ). I found a shade that is more suitable for dark-haired and brown-eyed girls like me. Well, for the experiment, Essence lipstick)
As I already wrote, I really wanted to try the nude shades from Armani, but I was worried that they would not block my lip pigment and it would be unclear what (on the swatch of girls this lipstick looks very light). Therefore, for the purity of the experiment, I will show the natural lip pigment, it’s not very pale for me, under the translucent light lipsticks it peeps and spoils the whole look.

But my fears were not confirmed, see below)
Full product name in English: Armani Rouge D'Armani No. 103
The photo:


Detailed opinion: This lipstick really surprised me. I have MAS, Dior, Shiseido, EL lipsticks, but I have not seen such a texture! It does not just lie on the lips, it somehow adheres to the surface, but at the same time remains very glossy. Lipstick is very persistent, in terms of resistance it can be compared with any dark or bright lipstick that can not be wiped off the lips. Perfectly covers the lip pigment in just one thin layer, I didn’t even manage to apply it oily, it still turns out invisibly. There is no perfume fragrance, the standard volume is 4 grams, a heavy metal pencil case on a magnet, in general I found the perfect lipstick. I'll try other shades, will they behave impeccably? :)
Rating:5+! better lipsticks I have not yet met
I bought the next lipstick before Armani, and it also seemed very cool to me, but only until I tried Armani. Here is a comparison of two shades on a hand. On the left is Armani, on the right is Essens.

Full product name in English:Essence No. 52 “In the Nude”
The photo:


Detailed opinion: The shade of this lipstick is warmer, it is one of those nuances that do not merge with the color of the lips, but with the color of the skin :) I would compare the quality of the lipstick with Dior Addict Extreme, but compared to Armani, the lipstick lives its life on the lips, with nothing It doesn’t interlock, but simply lies. Waiting for her to be removed or eaten. In general, a typical lipstick :) My lip condition is good at the moment, so I didn’t notice that it was numb somewhere, but I don’t have peeling now. :)
Rating:5 - good lipstick, there are no complaints against it, but it can not be compared with Armani.
According to the results of the investigation, I found out that Armani is the best lipstick in the world :) and that I prefer nude lipsticks with a pink rather than pure beige lipsticks, and yet, it’s worthwhile to tie up lipsticks for now :)
Thanks for attention!
See you again :)