YSL Ombres Duolumieres Eyeshadow Duo Reviews

A long story about my favorite double shadows!

As soon as a magic action began with the purchase of two shadows at the price of one, I almost hurried to the store, clapping my hands, because I needed the shadows! And while strolling between the stands, I was looking for my new things. But it's not that ... I was looking for matte beige mono-shadows without nacre. My upper eyelid is very light (as elsewhere), thin skin with bright blue veins. Therefore, I almost always cover the eyelid with such a colorless beige shadow. But in the spring, my last miracle shadows are over! Most recently, I was presented with a four-color Ninelle make-up palette, in which, among others, there was also the shade I needed, of course I was delighted with the gift, as I guessed with tone, but oh, horror! the beige shade darkened terribly during the day, and turned into a red spot in the evening! Buying a new one was inevitable! Among the mono representatives, I did not meet the shade I needed and smoothly switched to two. I liked Estee Lauder, but they were not available. Eh ... I left the store upset ... but I left not far - in Ile de bot. Of course there was Lauder there, but I was captivated by YSL, very similar to Esti, with only a little glitter. I thought it was lying, waiting for me. Frankly, the shine at first confused me, and I wandered around the store for a long time, looking at the area decorated with shadows on my hand. From what angle and in what light did I not study them. And here, with the last approach to the shadows, I saw a magic number on the treasured box - 13. Well, this figure scares many, terrifies me, but it happened to me so, it is connected with many happy events in life. Therefore, my soul breathes unevenly to this wretch in the world of numbers! Well, then fate! - I thought and went to the checkout! Let's get acquainted!
View of the box (it’s blurry in some places, but I hope the main thing is visible)
What is hidden inside the box

Detailed opinion: YSL packaging is standard: a spectacular gold bar with a logo in the center. The size of the palette is large, it will not fit in a small handbag, but with you on the road just right! The box closes with a plastic latch, it opens easily, once or twice! Inside the package there is a large mirror and two nylon applicators, one large with a rounded end, the other small with a pointed tip! I got used to draw their arrows with chocolate color! Well there, I generally do all the makeup using this palette with my native applicators! I do not claim that they are super-duper comfortable and easily replace brushes, but for a quick, but no less neat make-up, they will even come off! Both applicators are mounted in special grooves along the edges of the shadows, and do not hang limply throughout the box! That's what progress has come to!
Photo Applicators
We pass to the technical characteristics of the shadows themselves! The weight of the shadows is 2.8 g, which for me personally will not be enough (for an active user of solo-mono), but I gravitated only towards light, although the dark shade found its place in the eye! Oh well, but, in general, the weight is of course decent! The smell of the shadows is either absent or elusive, at least I can not hear it. The shadows are not claimed to be hypoallergenic, but my eyes, with sensitive skin, feel very comfortable with the shadows. The shadows themselves are dry, very finely ground, and fingers can be easily typed onto the applicator brush (underline as necessary). They give the color also not bad, only a chocolate shade when used on the entire eyelid can be capricious and go to fake fashion, but the beige Mmm is just a fairy tale! And what I was so worried about these small sparkles on the eye, their shine is so delicate and unobtrusive! They shine if this word can be applied to the description of shadows harmoniously, i.e. they do not interrupt the luster of the skin, but as if merge with it, and very rarely, when a direct ray of light hits, they wink cheerfully with small sparks. Hurray, I found the right word, the brilliance of these shadows is more like individual sparks that flash in the eye here and there! Something like this…
The box is in the most open state, it will be very convenient for me to paint on the road (I won’t have to catch the lid that has leaned back)
Box size in relation to hand
Box thickness
I think that's enough, everyone understood that I really like this outwardly photogenic makeup tool!
Now about the flowers. Shadows consist of two shades: beige and chocolate. I use both: I put beige on the entire moving eyelid and draw a small arrow with chocolate. In this version, the shadows are incomparable. The colors are saturated, as close as possible to the color in the box. In terms of durability, the shadows are clearly excellent students, they stay all day in their original form, they do not clog anywhere. During application, do not dust, sparkles under the eyes do not crumble, in general, they behave perfectly in everything! In terms of application, I believe that these shadows are great in makeup for every day, and I also think that craftsmen will also remove Smoky Eyes from the box. But for objectivity, it’s worth saying that after watching the enchanting make-up of beauticians, I decided to depict a full-fledged double make-up using this palette, began to paint, was terrified of chocolate stains in my eyes, and washed away this Hand Made work. So, for lovers of such makeup, the palette will not work, well, or at least it will be difficult to use. And for my needs she is what I need, and even more!
Photo on hand, tried to convey delicate sparkles, I think it was possible!

Unfortunately, there will be no photo in front of our eyes, apparently the shadows are tired of being photographed! I could not catch at least something, well, at least one sparkle, just a clean matte eyelid! Therefore, lastly, another photograph of my favorites!
Morning attempt to capture the shadows! Since they are not visible in the photo - just a matte eyelid, there will be photos of a naked eye and in the shadows, for comparison!
Photo eye with shadows (I hope they can be seen)
In the sun (sorry to frown)
Rating: 5+
Price: 999 rubles (per share)
Test period: from June 1 every day
Thanks for attention!
Your Oksana.

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