How do I keep my brushes. How do you keep your brushes?

I seem to have found the perfect way to store my makeup brushes.
And I would like to share it with you, as well as find out how you store your makeup brushes.
A bit of history.
I just didn’t keep my brushes.
These were brush holders, glasses, flower pots, coasters for pens, coasters for knives and forks, chests of drawers, drawers for desks, pencil cases, cosmetic bags, food containers. But, all this was inconvenient.
The main requirement for the storage of brushes in me is hygiene, compactness, so that all brushes are in one place and maneuverability, so that I can immediately transfer all of them to where I will do makeup.
And then, on occasion, going to the Zara Home store, in the children's department, I saw a white wooden box and realized - here it is, the perfect solution!
Box dimensions 20x13x13 cm, divided into 6 sections, i.e. all brushes, depending on their purpose, are each in its own section.
At first the box seemed small to me, but all my brushes got into it, a tool for cleaning the brushes and there was still room. The box is light, maneuverable, and due to the fact that it is compact and takes up little space, I put it in the cabinet so that dust does not settle on the hands, i.e. the requirement of "hygiene" is also satisfied. He cost 749 rubles.

A small remark. Watching and reading blogs, I have often noticed that many girls store brushes on any surfaces (dressers, dressing tables, etc.) that are not covered. I used to do that too. But once for an experiment, I put a regular stationery file on a glass with brushes and left it for a day, the amount of dust that I found on the file a day later left me in shock. I will say right away that I’m not dirty, I clean my house often. But all this dust settles on the pile of brushes, and then, respectively, on the face. And the fact that one of us washes brushes daily, I doubt it.
More recently, in a video blog of a girl named Lisa, I saw another convenient device for storing brushes, so that the idea is not mine, but very successful. This is a clerical organizer from IKEA. It costs about 500 rubles. It has 3 small sections, 2 larger and one very large. Size 30x20cm., Faux leather material. It’s also a quite compact and maneuverable way to store brushes. For example, I put my brushes in it, all the brushes fit there too and there is still room. I have this organizer standing on a chest of drawers and it contains what I use daily: gloss, lipstick, mascara, combs, perfumes, some brushes.

I hope my post has been helpful. I look forward to your advice and recommendations on how best to store brushes.
Thank you for attention!

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