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Hello dear Girls!
I went from edged manicure to unedged for a long time - a whole year, but finally reached the goal, and these tools helped me:
And: Belweder Nail & Cuticle Wax and Mavala Plastic Wand. These products are not in the main photo.

I started doing manicure quite late - in my last year at the institute (what a nightmare! How could I?) I went to the nearest hairdresser (we didn't have any salons then). After a year, being pregnant (and very suspicious), I did the manicure myself. She filled her hand very quickly; there was no doubt about the cleanliness of the tools. Besides hand cream, no supportive care ... This went on for almost ten years.
Then, having got to the Beautician, I regained sight: the cuticle is growing at a frantic pace, I do not moisturize it with anything ... From a negligent relationship with scissors, they quickly failed. And so, having bought the next ones, I realized that they provoke the appearance of a burr. I bought one more, then another ... I did not find the ideal, so I decided to switch to unedged manicure.
By the way, I really liked the visual effect of the trimmed manicure: when the periungual nail rises above the nail plate, but it was impossible to endure the burrs.
I acquired artillery of cuticle oils / waxes, as well as hand creams ...
Several times I “fell off” and took up the scissors again, then less and less ... now very rarely it is necessary to correct something on 1-2 fingers. I want to note that decent scissors still appeared, but cutting everything in a circle and "under the meat" again, there is no desire.
The posts of many of you, dear girls, have helped me a lot. In many respects, thanks to them, I came to a decent result with an army of reliable assistants:
Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover - Cuticle Removal Gel.
The main character. A lot has been said about him ... This gel came up to me. I’m not going to exchange it for any other remover yet. It softens the cuticle well and quickly, both on the arms and legs. Then I push / scrape / remove the softened skin with a stick, brush it with soap and brush and apply any of the following agents.
I think it’s worth mentioning that I didn’t have friendship with wooden sticks, but this one helps me out:
Mavala Stick Plastic.
A plastic stick with a rubber beveled tip at one end. On the other, too, a beveled but plastic tip serves to remove dirt from under the nail. The wand has been serving me faithfully for a year now. In love with a rubber tip! It very gently helps to move the cuticle and remove excess skin after the remover. I don’t know when she will be out of date (and whether it will be at all), but I will definitely buy the same one to replace her.
DNC Nail Wax Nutritious 5 ml and Nail Biowax Nutritious 6 ml
I got these two waxes on the same day. At home, looking at the packaging, I realized that they are completely identical. Apparently, the manufacturer simply changed the packaging and changed the volume. But the price has changed significantly: 29 rubles and 80 rubles.
Wax light yellow, oily. It smells strongly of honey, but I attribute this to the merits - the naturalness of the product is felt. Picking it from a small jar is extremely inconvenient, I get a nail file or other available means. But I like the overhead cover more than his big brother, who needs to be screwed. I use both only at night, because hands from them are rather fat. But nourish the skin and nails perfectly!
Here is the composition:

Mavala Cuticle oil in pencil MavaPen 4.5 ml
MAVAPEN - a pencil with a felt applicator to soften the cuticle. It contains sunflower, olive and sweet almond oils, vitamins A, C, E and F. Cuticle oil perfectly moisturizes the skin around the nail, protects it from drying out and prevents its growth and burrs.
I bought this oil after recalling one of the girls on this site. Although it is expensive (around 600 rubles), but I do not regret a bit. The felt tip is carefully applied to where it is needed, does not spread. It helps me out on the run: when in a public place, you can fix the situation with a dry cuticle once and twice and carefully and imperceptibly.
Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition Green Tea + Soy Cuticle Oil - Nail & Cuticle Oil
An exclusive formula of green tea and soybean oil with antioxidants and Vitamin E rough cuticles and helps to soften barbs Helps prevent future cuticle damage and adds flexibility to nails.
Unusual, beautiful vial with a shiny cap. There is really a small minus: due to its elongated shape, the vial is very unstable. And put it on the table / nightstand and spread the fingers will not work. Clutching in one hand and wielding with the other with a brush, too. There is only one solution: I pinch it with my knees and calmly smear the cuticle alternately on each arm (sometimes on my legs).
The product is odorless, liquid, easy to apply with an elastic brush, quickly absorbed, perfectly softens the skin and gives a decent look to the nail bed. Quite economical, but it is worth considering that along with it I also use other means. He was given to me by my mother-in-law, and not knowing about my arsenal of such funds.
Lush Lemony Flutter - Cuticle Cream (Hand Cream) "Lemon Sensation".
I have long dreamed of trying it, just like a hand cream, but in our city there is no this brand. Still, recently my desire came true and I have this remedy! It smells of lemon, but chemically. Yellow, but with some white grains, with which I only see them, but I can’t touch them. (I drove it in the heat - maybe there is condensation like this or is it normal?) The cream is very oily, I think it’s ideal for the winter, but I doubt that it will remain in time for it ...
I use it, but without enthusiasm: there are so many things for the cuticle, preferences for the hands have already appeared ... I put them on my heels - and they are simply happy! And my daughter is delighted with how he softened her skin on the elbows.
As part of which only:
(sorry for the look - the price tag was barely torn off)
Belweder Nail & Cuticle Wax - Belvedere Cuticle Wax (not in the general photo, as it is absent at home)
This is the No. 1 product in every sense. He was my first special tool for the cuticle (oil from Smart Enamel does not count, beee). It softens and nourishes not only the skin, but also the nails. Protects against the negative effects of detergents. I never complained about the condition of the nails - they are strong and grow quickly, but with this wax they soooo flooded that I even thought to stop using it. And even somewhat smoothed the longitudinal grooves on the nails. Has exhausted 3 packings, and now I can not find it. That's why I got the above waxes. But I keep looking for just this one. I like its stylish and convenient packaging and "work perfectly."

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Thanks to everyone who previously shared their opinions about these products, only thanks to you I met them. Let's continue to help each other!
I’m Julia ("you").

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