Hello, beauties! After the last post, many asked to show how I make a gradient with a sponge! Finally ripe for writing this post!
For manicure we need:
1) varnishes;
2) a sponge;
3) a toothpick;
4) cotton buds;
5) nail polish remover.
1. We paint nails in the lightest shade of varnish (I paint in one layer)
2. On a smooth surface (I have a dummy disk) we draw two FAT (this is important, since the sponge absorbs a lot of varnish) strips.
3. Toothpick connect the boundaries of the selected varnishes.
4. dip the sponge into the varnish

5. and with patting movements we transfer to the nails
(index finger - gently pressed the sponge, and the rest - more intensely)
6. Using a cotton swab and nail polish remover, clean excess varnish and topcoat nails (usually 2 coats)

That's all! The manicure is ready!
Can be covered with sparkles on top or used as a background for stamping!
Thank you for reading to the end! To me on the "you"!

Watch the video: Gradient (December 2019).