Two-tone manicure with SH 270 Lacey Lilac and Pupa No. 401

Hello! Today I want to talk about my small and completely simple experiment. I love different shades of lilac and purple and so I decided to play with the color on my nails.
To start, I’ll talk about the purple Sally Hansen No. 270 Lacey Lilac. Very beautiful and delicate color. It lasts about 3-4 days (longer than this I usually don’t wear varnishes), the consistency is closer to liquid than to thick. I usually apply in 2 layers, in principle, I did not particularly notice any problems with the application. It dries quickly enough, at the end I use OPI's start-to-finish dryer, I am quite pleased with the quality.
Here is a photo: The price of varnish: about 100 rubles.
Rating: 5 (very good for its price)
And the second hero of my post is PUPA No. 401. The color is saturated purple, although for some reason I got a generally dark blue color in some photos. Medium brush, also did not observe application problems. The lacquer, by consistency, is closer to thick, dries a little longer than Sally Hansen.
It also holds well for about 4 days, when applied does not strip. In general, I am satisfied.
Here is a photo: Lacquer price: 136 rubles for "gold" Rive Gauche
Rating: 5 (good varnish for a small price)
And now photos of what I got as a result:
in daylight:

and with flash:

Thanks for attention! I’m Nastya, to me on "you".

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