Delicate Pastel or Catrice Multi Color Blush - 010 Riviera Rose

Detailed opinion: I got acquainted with the blush when I accidentally came across the Catrice booth, which was a pleasant surprise for me, I didn’t even know that the brand was presented here, in Ukraine. There are 2 shades in the Multi Color Blush line - mine pink and bronze. Bronze is not mine at all - since it is more bronzers in 4 colors than blush, it may look good on swarthy girls, but Riviera Rose is what I need for my pale and non-tanning skin.
Multi color Blush is very finely ground, it is well-typed on the brush, not matte, but with a light satin finish. According to swatch, it may seem that the colors are slightly pigmented, but this is not so, they are just pastel. That is, using them Marfushi will not, but the view will be fresh and rested. The palette consists of 4 colors, the description is sooo conditional:
- plum - with a cold undertone, the darkest color and its least, leaves more in taupe beige plum;
- peach - with a warm undertone, does not go into orange;
- pink - not barbie, more dusty pink;
- beige - does not give colors, can be used as a highlighter.
Swatch (only decorative cosmetics):
colors were transferred correctly
all colors together
on your face - just a fresh look for every day

Price: UAH 57.95 = approximately $ 8
Test period: Week 1
My rating is 5+ - I didn’t find any flaws, a great option for tender blush for fair-skinned girls.

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