Clinique Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector Reviews

I bought this little thing for a long time, I could not use it in winter - it emphasized peeling, now I came across it in a cosmetic bag, I decided to try again.
And she was very pleasantly surprised.
What the manufacturer writes:
Pore ​​Minimizer Instant Perfector
Lighter than air, this skimmed gel is applied with the thinnest and at the same time a reliable layer on areas of the face with enlarged pores (for example, on the T-zone) or even on the whole face if necessary. Instantly hides enlarged pores and improves complexion - but does not change it! Therefore, its use does not affect the intensity of makeup, and vice versa: it can be used with cream powder (both under and on it) or without it, or only with loose or compact powder, or without any makeup at all!
Immediately after application to the skin, special cross-linked silicone polymers begin to work, creating an invisible, fully breathable film that fills irregularities on the surface of the skin. Sophisticated spherical optical diffusers and defocusing materials give a perfect matte finish to the skin and help maintain it for hours. Pore ​​Minimizer Instant Perfector also contains moisturizing and soothing ingredients and is therefore suitable for all skin types. Persistent and reliable, controls its brilliance, indispensable for photography or celebration and in everyday life. "
My opinion:
Odorless product, very delicate texture, I have a beige color, but it is invisible on the skin.
It really fills the pores, visually removes them, the skin becomes silk to the touch, matte instantly.
Suitable for girls with good skin, without obvious problems, because except then nothing will hide. Unfortunately, I still can’t wear this solo, but I hope I will get my way (:
Description at the back (unfortunately, a piece of paper with the composition has long been thrown away):
And most importantly - I didn’t process photos with any editors, I used photoshop only for cutting out fragments of photos:

Term of use: 7-8 months of intermittent use
Price: 1000 rubles at the office. website
Rating: 5. I believe that the product fits the description given by the manufacturer, personally I am satisfied. It remains to deal with skin imperfections and use this product solo)
Thanks for attention!

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