Moisturize your skin with Freeman Body Lotion

Good afternoon, beauties! Today I want to talk about body creams of the American company Freeman, with which my body has a rather long romance)

Freeman - fruit cosmetics with natural ingredients. Freeman - cosmetics based on natural fruit and vegetable ingredients.
Not tested on animals. Does not contain animal ingredients. Made in the USA.
1. Freeman Replenishining Body Lotion Shea Butter & Lemongrass
Revitalizing Body Lotion Shea Butter and Lemongrass, 400 ml
From the manufacturer: The restoring body lotion is created on the basis of Shea butter (shea butter), has a light consistency and is quickly absorbed without leaving greasy marks, and also actively moisturizes and softens even very dry skin. The extract of lemongrass included in its composition increases the intensity of blood circulation, helps to eliminate toxins and regenerate cells. The invigorating aroma of this lotion gives a good mood and a boost of energy.
A photo
Composition: Detailed opinion:
The first I bought this lotion, it struck me with an amazing smell, for me, perhaps, this is the main criterion for choosing) The smell is not chemical, bright fruity, it sticks to the skin, but does not "hit the nose" if you sniff the skin during the day, it will be felt, but the smell of perfume, of course, does not interrupt. His color is white, with a little mother of pearl, which is noticeable only upon close examination, does not remain on the skin. It is applied easily, absorbed well, but if you overdo it, then, of course, it will be a long time, but I think so with all creams. I like to apply on still slightly damp skin, I read that it’s better for the skin, and the water is absorbed somehow. Perhaps, a rather large volume of 400 ml can be attributed to the pluses for little money. I strongly advise all lovers of such smells to try
Price: about 300 rub.
Rating: 5
Test period: about 3 years
Freeman Toning Body Lotion Coconut & Guava
Coconut and guava tonic body lotion, 400 ml
From the manufacturer: Enriched with natural extracts of coconut and guava, a tonic lotion gently cares for the skin, moisturizing it and making it velvety and smooth. Soybean oil, which is part of it, contributes to the deep penetration of all beneficial components and enhances their effect. Your skin smoothes, becomes firm and radiant. It is quickly absorbed, does not leave greasy marks.
Detailed opinion:
I bought this lotion because there was no previous one) But when he saw that he was with a coconut, he took it without hesitation) His description is the same, it differs only in smell ... I don’t know how the guava smells, but I feel the delicate aroma of coconut perfectly, however, the lotion aroma is not bright. I also like it very much, this is not the first time I have been buying.
Price: about 300 rub.
Rating: 5
Test period: about 3 years
Now their packaging design has changed, the new jar reminds me of Pantene Pro-V shampoo, the picture has also changed, the volume is the same, but I can not say anything about the composition.
Thank you for your attention, be beautiful!

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