Guerlain Rouge G Le Brilliant Complete Lipshine Reviews

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Lipstick was purchased from Letual's “All for the lips” stock. I wanted to try a luxury lipstick and see if it is different in quality from the ones I know (Avon). I wanted a lipstick that would be nice to wear, according to reviews I chose this . I thought about the shade of B64 for a long time, but then decided that it was dark for me.
I like the case. To be honest, I couldn’t understand how it looks and what size (even though the cases are stuck on the stands), for some reason I thought it was bigger. But it arranged for me, a very nice and interesting thing :)
I have no complaints about her shade! I saw very well that it is translucent, it suits me. It just makes my lips a little brighter and evens out their color. It also gives them a pleasant look, as if lips with colored balm.
silvery small-small sparkles are visible in the stick, they are not visible on the lips. they, in my opinion, contribute to the moist gloss of lipstick.
Alas, I don’t like the aroma. Even with Avon lipsticks, the aroma is not so intrusive, and the maximum disappears in half an hour! this one he can linger on for an hour or longer. but in general it’s all the same tolerant, and I calmly wear it.
It’s hard for me to talk about stamina - before eating, I wipe off the lipstick, and between the food I don’t lick my lips and don’t disturb the lipstick. Yes, and my color is not the most noticeable. But, perhaps, there is 4 hours left.
moisturizing and comforting on the lips - for the sake of it, I bought it. Apparently, my lips are wrong, Avon's lipsticks are dried in two or one and a half hours. This lipstick, I can’t help but note, it’s easier not the lips, sometimes it’s almost not felt, it’s certainly more pleasant to be in it But after 3 hours it’s still not very comfortable. But if you wipe it before these three hours, your lips will be soft and pleasant. Yes, and after three hours there is nothing criminal.
Well, of course, it does not flow, it does not roll, it does not fold.
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Unfortunately, she didn’t become my favorite. I probably shouldn’t blame the lipstick, I chose her. But I would like more hydration. Although I do not exclude it, it is impossible for my lips.
its price, in my opinion, is disproportionate to its quality. although if you count, I bought it for 900r. - For such a price you can still. Although, of course, it is very nice to get the case!
I’ll look further. I still want to look at the Letual Rouge Desir lipstick.
for shares, along with another lipstick 1790 (it seems). if you divide the price - there will be something like 900r.
4.Because the aroma and price, for which I wanted more
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less than a month.