Sephora cream lip stain 03

Not so long ago I saw the Sephora brand on the shelves of IDB. Until recently, I believed, by the way, that the emphasis was on O. Later, IDB consultants enlightened that on A. So, I already managed to get a base, tone, brilliance, corrector and a few things there. But very impressed with one line of lipsticks. They are very liquid, like shine, but after a few seconds turn into the most real lipstick. Despite the durability and color saturation, many products of luxury brands can envy. Unfortunately, the color didn’t really suit me, at least according to my husband) Lipstick is too liquid, which makes it difficult to apply, if you get out a little on the edge - then erase the whole torment. Pleases unobtrusive, slightly caramel smell. After applying it took about 3 hours, I managed to have a bite, and lipstick at least that! Color as if just applied. This can not but rejoice, in my opinion somewhere at the party itself) You can not run around every 15 minutes to correct makeup)
So, I present to your attention:

Cost: 440 without a discount in IDB
Score: 4 (if it weren’t for a difficult application would put 5)
Test period: week

Watch the video: Sephora Cream Lip Stain - Lip Swatches. Miyuki Leu (December 2019).