My skin reborn or Ahava - guests from Israel

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I'll tell you today about my acquaintance with Dead Sea cosmetics - Ahava.
Who cares - well and well!

A little about the company:
Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories (Israel) cosmetics company is located directly on the coast of the Dead Sea. Ahava produces cosmetic lines based on the healing salts and mud of the Dead Sea directly from natural raw materials. The mineralogical composition of the Dead Sea salt is significantly different from the salt composition of other seas. This allowed the Dead Sea to become a unique medical resort, created by nature and attracting millions of tourists from all over the globe. In addition to the unique composition of salts, the Dead Sea is also known for its healing mud, which is extracted from the bottom of this reservoir. The famous sulphide mud of the Dead Sea is highly mineralized, with a high content of bromine, iodine, hormone-like substances. AHAVA's 100% natural bath salt and mineral mud provide an excellent opportunity to experience the healing effects of staying at the Dead Sea without leaving your home.
A long study of the healing and cosmetic properties of natural mineral elements has led AHAVA to develop a unique series of cosmetics. Highly effective and easy-to-use cosmetic lines combine the vital Dead Sea minerals and a variety of plant components. A high concentration of natural minerals promotes long-term hydration of the skin, activates metabolism and blood circulation, accelerates cell regeneration and has a general healing effect. Ahava cosmetics is known and loved all over the world.

This is a saying, and a fairy tale is ahead. I’ll tell you about what was left at my place after the distribution of all the elephants
*Product testing period is more than six months.
So, first I’ll talk about a bottle, in my opinion, a useless bottle.
Ahava Time to Hydrate Essential Reviving Serum

Detailed opinion:
Fair? I expected more. As usual, the manufacturer promises mountains of gold, but to promise is not to marry. This is a light, transparent emulsion, it smells nice (even my second half does not frown when I smear them, but he is also fussy!). It is quickly absorbed. Then I apply the cream - it does not roll off. And, perhaps, that’s all: yes, the skin is soft, but it gives any moisturizer :) Freshness and youthful shine, TTT, it seems like it is already present I didn’t notice the skin lightening.
As for the application: I, on my dry skin, could apply more than two drops.
A friend with a fatty / combined one was limited to one, and even that didn’t suit her: her face shone with a pancake.
Rating: for me 4.
Price 39,90 $
Let's go further
Ahava DeadSea Salt Softening Butter Salt Scrub

Detailed opinion:
Oh, well, this is a jar weighing 350 grams, gorgeous about its filling. It is made of simple plastic, the cover is easily unscrewed, the protective membrane was a thin film. which was immediately abused)
And now about the most important thing: inside there is something resembling semolina - pressed small grains. They smell delicious and unobtrusive (well, for some reason I don’t feel the declared mandarins, and the cedar does not smell). The scrub is sooooo economical (and at first poorly removed from the can), because when it comes into contact with water it turns into a lotion.
The manufacturer recommends applying to dry skin, rubbing it and then moistening it with water, but it is so inconvenient for me. Therefore, I use it differently: I douse myself in water, begin to apply it to a wet body and immediately grind it (that is, "in parts"). Abrasive particles are represented by salt, so lovers "harder" scrub will seem weak. After this procedure, the skin is soft, smooth, nourished and salty :)
A small remark: this is really a SALT scrub, so if there are any wounds, redness, etc., as soon as the scrub gets on these skin areas - the sensations are not very pleasant))))) And yet, if you wear lenses, wear them before you use the scrub
Let's move on from words to action :)
Inflicted, in the sun from the heat of the skin began to melt

Added water

Rating: for me 5 +++++.
Price 19,90 $
Ahava Deadsea Plants Caressing Body Sorbet

Detailed opinion:
An excellent cream, the manufacturer did not lie about prolonged hydration. Easy to apply, absorbed quickly. Does not leave a sticky film. It smells nice, the smell does not linger on the skin for a long time. For summer, a wonderful cream. What else is needed for happiness?))))
Rating: 5.
Price 19,90 $
Ahava deadsea plants Dry oil body mist
Mine doesn't look so pretty anymore, sorry
Detailed opinion:
The dispenser is convenient, it does not clog, but the oil itself is consumed very quickly (unlike all other products). I tried to apply on dry skin, and on wet - the result is one. I adapted to apply it like this: I stick it on my palm and rub it on my wet body. For example: one zilch is enough for me to completely apply to the hand.
The oil is quickly absorbed (too! Therefore, high consumption), it smells good. The mood rises
Rating: 4 (for inefficiency)
Price 19,90 $
To summarize, I want to say the following: cosmetics are really interesting, and it’s worth getting to know it.
Thank you all for your attention.

Watch the video: AHAVA MY SKIN REBORN 53 (December 2019).