Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick Lasting Lipcolor Radiant Shine Reviews

Hello girls, taking this opportunity (a visit from my Muse), I continue to share my impressions with you. Today we will focus on the purchase, which I liked from the first test and, I think, our love for a long time. It's about lipstick in shade # 316 Incognito from the Dior Addict Extreme line of lipsticks. The Beautician already has reviews about this shade, but as you know, when choosing a lipstick, reviews are not superfluous.
Who are interested, welcome!

Insanely stylish, as for my taste, the case is much more beautiful than the cases of ordinary Addicts.

Thin application:
In the sun, I applied it denser (I like it more):


My opinion: In short, this is 100% my lipstick, both in shade and in its technical characteristics (texture, behavior on the lips, aroma). The most gentle cream beige-pink shade without a shimmer. Delicate fondant slightly sweet aroma. The texture is light, translucent. With light lip staining directly from the stick, we get a translucent shade, completely nude. I like to apply lipstick with a brush, picking it up more, respectively, the color is more saturated. The lipstick is perfect, no creeps over the contour of the lips, no dropping into folds. Persistence: a few hours, but this is certainly not "extreme" :) I would say that lipstick is kept standard, like any other lipstick. Initially, I was afraid of this “Extreme” itself, I didn’t want dryness, but with this lipstick only comfort, after the lipstick the lips are moisturized and happy with life. It should also be noted that, despite its so light, melting texture, lipstick is quite economical, which is also its plus. I did not find any disadvantages in lipstick - NO
Rating: 5+ (if you do not take into account that it is still not reinforced concrete, but ordinary)
Cost: about 40 dollars
Test period: 1,5 months
Girls, thank you for your attention, there are questions - ask.
Julia, only on "you" :))))

Watch the video: ลปสตกดออร DIOR ADDICT EXTREME LASTING LIPCOLOR RADIANT SHINE (December 2019).