Means that help me survive the winter

Today there will be a post-review of funds that showed themselves at 5+ in the winter. Some of them were a discovery, some of them are not the first autumn-winter season.

Facial products:

1) Clarins Cleansing Milk With Alpine Herbs - Cleansing milk with alpine herbs for normal to dry skin.
Description in the catalog:
Great milk! It copes well with the removal of makeup, powder, tonal, blush the first time. At the same time, the face remains fresh, and the skin is soft and delicate. I forgot about the sensations of tightening after removing makeup, although I wash it off with water.
I have long known that cleansing the skin with milk (oil, cream, that is, non-foaming agents) is the best prevention of skin aging, because it prevents dry skin, but has always been a fan of washing up to squeak. And only at 30, when the skin began to dry godlessly, I was forced to switch to milk. The skin is happy)))
Rating: 5
2) Clarins Toning Lotion With Camomile - Toning camomile lotion for dry or normal skin
Catalog Description
This is my favorite tonic in the winter and summer - it refreshes, softens, moisturizes. I like everything about him - and the effect and smell, at the moment it is ideal among tonics
Price: OK. 800 rub at a discount
Rating: 5
3) Korres Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturiser SPF6-Rejuvenating Moisturizer 24 hours with a wild rose for normal and dry skin
This cream is a pleasant discovery of this autumn-winter season. I’m not overjoyed. Winter passed without a single peel, in my opinion, this is an excellent result. Plus, no dullness, as happened before in the spring. The cream remained completely on the bottom, I think, just for March 1.5 it will be enough. And next winter I will buy it again.
Price: ok 1200 at a discount
Rating: 5
4) Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Mask - Moisturizing Cream Mask

Catalog Description
This is an assistant in the fight for hydration. As soon as I feel that the skin begins to tighten, I immediately make a mask, the next morning the skin is so nourished and the effect lasts for a week, or even more.
This is a great tandem with Korres cream in the fight against dryness and peeling!
Price: OK. 1500 per 75 ml
Rating: 5


1) "Frost" baby hygiene lipstick.

Protects delicate baby lips from chapping and cracking. It contains chamomile extract and a complex of vitamins A and F, due to which it softens the lips well, and highly effective fats, oils and wax not only protect against frost, but also prevent the appearance of cracks and jams.
My mast hev is not the first year. Saves our entire family. Both children have in my pocket, my husband and I. And she lies on my shelf in the bathroom - I use it as wax for styling eyebrows
Her most important advantage is that she heals and instantly softens already weathered lips. Additionally, I use lipstick throughout the day just like that, for comfort and prevention.
Price: -OK. 30 rub
Rating: 5
2) Shea Butter (Shea Butter)
Loccitane 100% Pure Shea Butter for Face, hands, body - Cosmetic Shea Butter (Shea Butter)
Previously, there was a can of 100 grams of another manufacturer, but it ended and in the bins a gift was found for Shea Loxitan oil. Prices, of course, are brutally overpriced, but this is a completely different topic.)))
Shea butter perfectly protects the lips, and indeed everything (face, body) from weathering and dryness.
It creates a thin film. Like wax, so that the lips do not lose moisture and are protected. I also use lipsticks that dry me. Before a ski trip, I smear my face and lips, then wash everything off in the shower (in order to avoid clogging of the pores) and wear a cream. Skin and lips have never been weathered.
Thanks to these two remedies, my lips are in good condition.
Prices: 215 rub per can of 100 grams in an online store
OK. 300 rub for 8 ml. Loxitan oils.
Rating: 5
3) Lancome Juicy Tubes Ultra Shiny Lipgloss No. 94 Caramel Gospel- Ultra-sparkling lip gloss
Catalog Description
Everyone knows him. I love him first of all because my lips never suffered with him even in the most severe frosts!
Yes, it is sticky, but it protects well. And he is persistent, does not spread, lies on his lips as expected, does not numb, does not slide into a strip. And he has a large volume of 15 ml, I already experienced the second winter. Definitely buy again.
Price: approx. 800 rub with discount
Rating: 5


I have a lot of hand creams - in every room, kitchen, bathroom, purse
I love this couple from the Kalina concern:

1) Hand Cream Lemon Glycerin
It moisturizes well, the hands are white and soft, heals small cracks.
2)Hand cream Olivkovo-glycerin
And this one already nourishes and softens. Both creams are well absorbed, not sticky.
A good, complementary duet.
Price: OK. 30 rub for every
Rating: 5
Of the inexpensive creams, the Velvet Handles line from the Kalina concern is also quite fine with me
I buy different ones - nutritious, moisturizing, protective. They also have a mini option - it’s convenient to carry them in a purse)) They are non-sticky and absorb quickly.
A separate item I want to highlight the cream "Royal Argan"
He instantly makes his hands smooth, soft and sleek. The only drawback is the very pungent smell, compared to other line creams.
I really wanted to try the popular Loxitan cream with Shea butter, but for some reason we don’t have it, apparently really worthy, they quickly disassemble it.
Price: OK. 40 rub per tube
Rating: 5


1) Loccitane Almond Cleansing And Soothing Shower Oil - Almond Shower Oil
Description in the catalog:
Shower oil is the opening of this year. I might not have bought it, listened to the aroma in the store and could not resist. And good. I really liked this tool. He gives foam not plentiful, as from usual shower gels, but the skin after the shower is soft, does not tighten. Well, the smell is simply baldezhnaya and so cozy, warm, just for the winter. After the usual Kamei, Yves Rocher, this oil is simply luxurious, and its price is 980 rubles before the discount (and the discount on Loxitan is only 10% )
Rating: 5
2) Aromarti Natural Coconut Oil
I love this oil. It is light enough, it is absorbed a little longer than industrial creams, but the effect is smooth, soft skin without peeling. I like its delicate milky aroma. My jar has almost ended, one more is in transit))
Price - 180 p. for 150 grams.
Rating: 5

For the soul:

Hiris Hermes fragrance
Top notes are coriander, clove, and amber; middle notes are neroli and rose; base notes are honey, vanilla, cedar and almond tree.
This is my perfume I, this is my love! Iris is said to be a spring fragrance; it is in spring that it is good.
And I wore it in the spring and winter and autumn. He only does not like the heat.
It is a scent of spring, tenderness of femininity and light sadness.
My everyday fragrance. Just a week ago it ended, I’m sad, because for some reason it’s not in stores, you need to order a new one.
Price: approx 3800 per 100 ml
Rating: 5
Peut-Etre Lancome fragrance
Pyramid: heart notes: and bulgarian rose; base notes are amber and musk.
Lancome Peut-Etre La Collection is a reissue of the classic Peut-Etre fragrance, released in 1937. Translated from French, "peut-etre" means "maybe"
With this fragrance, in general, miracles came out.
I invented it in my head))) I mean, I wanted a perfume - powdery, delicate, with notes of iris, rose and light sweetness. It’s hard to describe. But the smell was clear in my head. Which I want. I began to search by descriptions. When I came across Peut-Etre, I immediately felt that it was IT!
When she received the cast and sighed, her brain nearly exploded - this does not happen, it's OH!
Immediately I began to look for a bottle, by the way, it was not so easy to get it, like for example other fragrances from the La Collection series. I called about 15 online stores and was empty everywhere. As a result, a perfume friend from Ryazan bought from me and handed it to me
Peut-Etre Lancome is the quintessence of femininity. It is an absolute classic, even, I would say, retro. No jeans, no rush.
Femininity in everything - makeup, clothes, manners. The scent is binding. The scent of modest sexuality.
She would have been perfect for her:

I love him, but I don’t wear it often, all the same, he is obliging and the mood needs to be appropriate. For example, a romantic dinner with my husband on a cold winter evening))
Jeans, dutiks and a down jacket are not his topic at all.
Price: 2500 per 50 ml
Rating: 5
That's all. All spring mood!))). Natalya.

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