Seventeen Ideal Cover Liquid Concealer Reviews

Hello to all beauticians!

Today I will tell you about some Seventeen products that live in my cosmetic bag. After meeting Seventeen, I had a mixed opinion about this brand, but more on that later. Now let's move on to a more detailed consideration.
The first will be the shadows:
Full product name in English: Seventeen Extra Sparkle Shadow # 08 - Extra Eye Shadow
The photo:

Detailed opinion: The box for the shadows is plastic, with a transparent lid. Where my eyes looked when I bought these shadows I don’t know, the shadows are very shiny, loose, when I applied them in a dry way, my whole face and hands were sparkled, it seems to me that they will be appropriate, except for the New Year, then I tried to apply them in a wet way, so they crumble less, are washed off poorly from my hands, but they shine and sparkle, like everything around. In addition, the shadows are very loose, they are consumed very quickly. They hold well at the base. I won’t buy it anymore.
Rating: 4- for flowability.
Duration of use: from winter, very rare.
Price: about 60 UAH - or $ 8.
And one more shadow:
Full product name in English: Seventeen Silky Shadow Satin # 201 - Satin Eyeshadow
The photo:


Detailed opinion: After buying the first shadows, I did not think that I would buy any more shades of this brand, but in search of matte shadows, the consultant suggested that I pay attention to the shadows of Seventeen, and I decided on a second attempt. These shadows were from the new spring-summer collection, they turned out to be satin, without shimmer, sparkles, etc.,. I liked the shadows very much, they are gently lilac in color, hold well on the base, do not crumble, do not roll, are well typed on the brush, and hold all day.
Rating: 5.
Duration of use: 1 month.
Price: about 60 UAH - or $ 8.
Now let's move on to the highlighter.
Full product name in English: Seventeen Ideal Cover Liquid Concealer- 01 - Highlight
The photo:

Swatch: applied thickly, especially for the photo.
Detailed opinion: This is my first highlighter and bought quite spontaneously, now I understand that cream texture is not mine. I like dry textures. I tried to photograph him on the cheekbones, it didn’t work, he is elusive. If you put one point to them, then it is quite possible to shade it well and not shine and shimmer. But honey mushrooms, I do not like to smear his fingers on the face. He looks good under an eyebrow, again if you don't overdo it. I won’t buy it anymore, I think that there are much more highlighters worthy than this one.
Rating: 4.
Duration of use: from October last year.
Price: 80 UAH or 10 $.
And the last lipstick on this list:
Full product name in English: Seventeen Lipstick Supreme # 134 Rose Petal
The photo:


Detailed opinion: I do not really like nude lipsticks, so I was looking for an alternative, the choice of shades of Seventeen lipstick is very large, there is where to take a walk. My choice fell on Supreme No. 134 lipstick. The plastic lipstick case, without any identification marks, has nothing to look at. Lipstick has a creamy, creamy texture, does not roll, does not emphasize peeling, does not dry, does not leave a white strip, grabs it somewhere for 3-4 hours, goes off evenly. The only negative is the smell of lipstick, some kind of "hello from the USSR", but it doesn’t scare me away, I’m probably used to it. Moreover, all the lipsticks of this brand have such a smell. I really like the color. Most likely, I will buy more.
Rating: 5
Duration of use: six months.
Price: about 65-70 UAH, I don’t remember exactly or $ 9.
The manufacturer of Seventeen cosmetics is Greece, still a youth brand, you can even understand from the name, and I did not expect anything supernatural from certain products. But as in every brand, you can find something good through trial and error.
Thanks to everyone who read, I hope it was useful for someone.
To me on you and I am Marina.

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