In general, I am not a fan of lipsticks, but something has happened to me recently and my fondant cosmetic bag was replenished with inexpensive representatives. I must say right away that the quality of these lipsticks pleased me and I am very happy for the mass market class   for they have worthy products!
The caring lipstick Art-Visage Cashmere No. 301

In general, I went for Essence lipstick, but while walking along the stands I noticed this series of lipsticks. The texture is very pleasant, on the hand it just “slipped”, actually because of the texture, and bought it. And the shade was replaced by Essence No. 50, they certainly are not quite similar, but oh well.
The design pleasantly surprised me, it seems to me a very nice case, it closes tightly, it doesn’t play anything anywhere, it doesn’t stagger, I’ve come to this qualitatively  
Look shade
A micro-shimmer is visible on the macro, but in life it is not noticeable at all, a moist glow is only visible on the lips. The fragrance is very pleasant and not intrusive, it smells like a melon. The texture of the lipstick is not putty, but the lip pigment completely overlaps. It’s very pleasant on the lips, as if I applied a balm from a stick - it does not dry, it does not bring any discomfort in the sock.
How do we evaluate by swatch

Lipstick can be layered, the more you apply, the more saturated the shade will be on the lips. I am painted with this lipstick without a contour, I was not seen in the “shoot”  
Price: 170 rub, no discount
Rating: 5
Essence Lipstick # 49 (Like A Lady)

No. 50 never became mine   but I really wanted to try these sweets. I wanted to take lipstick without a shimmer. From what was available, I liked this one more. And on her hand she seemed a very nice lady   pale pink.
With regards to packaging - here, of course, they saved a lot. Everything rattles, very squishy plastic, to be honest it’s not very nice to hold in your hands, but oh well. The fragrance is pleasant, it smells like some caramel, the smell is unobtrusive. The texture is really gorgeous - creamy, very delicate, applying this lipstick is a pleasure  
It looked just as tender on her hand as she looked at a test in a store
And on the lips ... mom-mia santa-ray  pornography, by golly

As we see, she is very bright on her lips, a sort of Barbie shade, I do not like such shades of lipsticks, so here I clearly missed. Usually it happens the other way around when you test lipstick on your hand, it is brighter there, and on the lips paler. And here everything is accurate, but vice versa ...
So be on the alert, lipstick is very bright!
Price: about 130 rubles, no discount
Rating: 5 (for quality, it’s not her fault that the shade is “not mine”)
Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstic Lipstick No. 012 (Guest List)

Case - nothing special, but it's good that the lid is tightly closed.
Lipsticks in this series have a dense texture, cause a slight discomfort in the form of dryness on the lips, I always want to lick my lips or smear a gloss on top. Fragrance ...   I'm bastard from this smell. I don’t know what it smells like, but I really like it!
Although the texture is dense, it fits well on the lips, it can emphasize peeling if the lips are not well-groomed. Over the circuit does not spread. Very persistent!

Good lipstick, but the texture is not mine.
Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstic Lipstick No. 214 (Firecracker)

The characteristics are exactly the same as the previous shade, the difference is only in the shade. Very bright, provocative fudge   I wore it only at home, I'm afraid I'm out  

Price: about 170 rubles for each, without a discount
Rating: 4
Shelf life of all lipsticks: more than a week
And the general photo  

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