Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer Reviews

Girls, this is love at first sight.
This varnish is spring, varnish is tenderness, varnish is mood ...
Full name of varnish:
Dior Vernis Nail Polish No. 231 Bikini
Detailed opinion:
When viewing photos of the new collection on the internet, I was not impressed by it. But, having seen, she was subdued. However, at first I bought up the whole blue series (and varnish, and shadows, and pencil). After 3 sleepless nights, I realized that I needed him, I needed it ...
Before that, Dior was not familiar with varnishes, so at first the brush did not impress me. I hate thick flat brushes. Opening the lid, and seeing it, I was disappointed. But the application to her was so convenient that I liked her. The varnish is non-liquid. A fairly dense cream, lies on the first layer without stripes and bald spots. I always put 2 layers. Its glossiness was not enough for me, therefore it was covered with a dryer on top, which also gives shine.
Durability - chic. 4 days perfectly holds without problems. It is erased from nails without any problems - it does not stain fingers, skin and so on. And now enough words - send to see the photo))
Looks perfect complete with a pallet from the same collection

The following photos were taken at the end of the 3rd day

1200 rubles without discount (IDB)
Undoubted and well-deserved 5 +++++++

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