My new love

Sally Hansen SALON Manicure - Green Tea:
I recently went shopping and, as always, could not pass by IlDeBote. The first thing my eyes were on was the Sally Hansen lacquer shelf. I love this brand very much, it never let me down. And the quality, and durability, and the color palette are good. In general, I decided to buy a couple of varnishes in my collection, especially since there was a special offer - if you buy SH products for the amount of 600 rubles or more. then, as a gift, a coated manicure (right there, the master worked in the store). So, of all the varnishes bought, I liked the one most. The color is called green tea. The color is very fashionable this season, something between mint and light green, it is difficult to describe it accurately. Durability is excellent, I have been walking for 4 days with this varnish and top, also from SH, not a bit peeling off) The brush is very good, the varnish is liquidish, but it is applied conveniently. Very pleased with the large volume of the bottle) Rate below :):

350 rubles without a discount:

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