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Since the face is always in sight, very often most of the time and money we spend on caring for it and decorative cosmetics. At the same time, spending money on the body is considered optional, we will easily buy another luxury palette, and for the body we will choose something in Auchan. Of course, if the face and body are in perfect condition, this is normal. But how many of us can boast of ideal weight and body, a figure? This is a long, tedious and requires constant attention. How many women want to lose weight and get rid of bumps on the hips, buttocks, stomach and other places! But things do not go beyond the "dream".
I offer my experience in this business. I am far from ideal (and I will never be - fortunately), and someone can say that he can drink, smoke, eat everything and roll on the couch - and at the same time has a model appearance. Well, congratulations, nature generously rewarded you, but I think that there will be those who will resonate with my post. After all, sometimes a pair of cute dimples first appeared on the pope plunge a woman into greater shock than when similar imperfections are present in large volumes almost from adolescence.
The main thing in any business is the system. All components enhance each other's action and the desired effect is achieved faster. This may include:
- drinking regime
- rational balanced nutrition
- physical activity
- cosmetic mechanical devices and means
Since the first three points relate to the so-called Healthy Lifestyle, they are very multifaceted, require separate discussions and specialization. Beauticians are negligible, we will omit these points, and consider just cosmetic tools and means.

1.Mechanical means
Massager wooden No Name

The massager was purchased in Auchan in the department for baths and saunas. It was packed in polyethylene with an embedded black and white paper with the output, but I immediately threw it all away.
The massager has a wooden base, painted in black paint, wooden polished "fingers", a strong ribbon handle. From time, water and humidity, the paint slowly exfoliates, but this does not affect the quality of the massager. The biggest inconvenience is the too-long braid. It was made so that the massager holds more firmly in the hand, but I have small hands, so this function does not help me much. And for a more or less standard palm, this problem does not arise.
I like the shape of a rounded rectangle more than a round one, because the area of ​​impact on the massed areas is greater, and the ability to leave an unmassed area is less.
At first, even a small press on the massager gives a feeling of pain, especially at the most problematic points, but then the body gets used to it, and the process begins to give pleasure. Therefore, in the first applications, you should not be too zealous so that the body not accustomed to the massager does not respond with bruises and bursting vessels. In general, the intensity and duration of exposure should be increased gradually, sparingly, without trying to “disperse perennial deposits” in one massage session.
Price: about 100 rubles.
Rating: 5
Wooden brush with natural bristles for the shower "For the soul and soul"

Purchased in the appropriate store name.
A brush made of natural bristles is fixed with "bushes" -bundles in a wooden base. Shower gel foams very well. The handle is very comfortable in length - not too long and not too short. Perfect for hard to reach areas such as the back. Of course, I can get a washcloth to any place on my back, but with a brush it is easier to achieve an exfoliating effect.
Exfoliating a dead layer of cells is one of the steps in the struggle for smooth skin. It has long been known that skincare cosmetics give a faster result and the effect is noticeable earlier if applied to well-cleansed skin. This applies to the skin of the body as much as the face.
Every woman has days when sensitivity is increased, at this time a massage with a wooden massager is uncomfortable even with a slight effect on the body. On such days, the brush serves not only for general cleansing of the body, but also is an excellent substitute for the massager and can be used on problem areas without a shower gel. After such exfoliation, all body shaping products are distributed and absorbed much better.
Price: I don’t remember, I bought for a long time, even before registering with the Beautician, in the region of 150 rubles.
Rating: 5
2. Cosmetics
Both the massager and the brush help save money on scrubs (which, of course, are pleasant, but still are not priority in the process of combating bumps) and allow myself an effective remedy for C. At different times I tried different remedies: in college, from Avon, Oriflame, then Evelyn, Floresan, Yves Rocher and I don’t remember any domestic manufacturers. And I came to the conclusion that all this mass is more likely for a psychological and easy care effect, but you should not expect any noticeable changes from them. For some reason, my attention turned out to be deprived of pharmacy brands, which at one time were actively used in face care. But once, in LE, I wanted to treat myself to something new. On the eyes caught shelves with products Collistar. I bought something for the face, but most importantly - for the body. Frankly, I was pleasantly surprised! No funds had given such a quick and noticeable effect before!
I had promotional sets: "Collistar Serum anti-cellulite intensive action 200ml + Collistar Means Night Anti-cellulite Super-Concentrated 75 ml as a gift", and vice versa, "Collistar Nightly Anti-Cellulite Super-Concentrated 200 ml + Collistar Serum anti-cellulite intensive action 50 ml as a gift."
The second set was bought because I liked the Night remedy more than Serum.
Since the composition of the sets is the same, the difference is only in the volume of funds, I will describe exactly the means, not the sets.
Collistar Superconcentrated Anticellulite Night Treatment - Collistar Night Anti-Cellulite Super-Concentrated
From me:
The product has the consistency of a liquid "snotty" at first glance gel. In a glass bottle with a glass pipette built into the cap, the product has a cheerful apple color, but on the hand and on the skin it looks colorless. In general, the product is designed very high quality and its use brings aesthetic pleasure.

Love! The composition seems to be good, but not fantastic, but somehow the tool works. Alcohol is almost not felt at the beginning of the composition - the skin does not dry. But the product is absorbed instantly, without residue, without greasy oil films, so it can be used during the day. The scent of unobtrusive freshness. After the first (!) Application, the skin becomes like silk, it is very pleasant to hold your hand over it. But the most important thing is that the subcutaneous irregularities are smoothed out, all sorts of tubercles and other imperfections in the relief become less pronounced. The volumes are removed. There is no feeling of cold, nor warming up. With a tendency to fragility of blood vessels is the best option.
Price: approx. 2800 rub. per set in LE. Means separately - approx. 2400 rub. in LE.
I am sure that this tool is worth its price, and it is better to buy it alone than a dozen worthless funds for 200 rubles.
Rating: 5 with a bunch of pluses
By the way, I later learned that in 2007, the chief cosmetologist of the brand, Daniela Sacherdote, received an award for this nightly product - the Oscar for Packaging.
Collistar Intensive Anticellulite Serum - Collistar Intensive Anti-Cellulite Serum
From me:
The product has a consistency of thick whey the color of applesauce. It is in a plastic bottle with a convenient dispenser, which eliminates the contact of serum with air. Use is very convenient.

Compared with the Night remedy, the serum is rubbed a little longer into the skin and leaves a feeling of barely noticeable stickiness, almost a hint - this is the same invisible protective film declared by the manufacturer (and not the greasy glycerin or paraffin layer of cheap agents), due to which the gentle effect of a mini-sauna is created and the active components of the serum perform their functions. Therefore, this serum is also very effective. Like Nighttime Serum, it has neither a cooling nor a warming effect. The tool is very, very economical.
I would change these places in terms of use day - night.
Price: approx. 2800 rub. per set in LE. Means separately - approx. 2400 rub. in LE.
Rating: just 5.
Composition of funds: above - night (with a pipette), below - daytime (with a dispenser).

A couple of years ago I tried 10 sessions (2 days later on the third) of LPG hardware massage. Then the session was worth 1700 rubles. So the results were less effective than using a massager, brush and two products.
Of course, even these remedies are not a panacea for irregularities in the skin of the body ... Genes, hormones, chronic diseases, an established lifestyle, environmental conditions - all this affects our body. But let's remember that a neat appearance, a good mood and a friendly smile make us more attractive than just anonymized correct (who determines their correctness?) Volumes, kilograms and centimeters.

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