Belweder Exfoliant Gel For Removal Of Skin Around The Nails, With Glycerin And Aloe Leaves Extract - reviews

Over the past two months, I have been moving from edged manicure to unedged. About the means that allowed me - screaming urra! - Throw manicure scissors further into the corner, I’ll tell you under the cut.

Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover Maximum Strength - Gel for Instant Cuticle Removal

Detailed opinion:
With cuticle I suffered. It quickly grew and was dry, barbs appeared, as a result, the manicure was already losing freshness in a few days. In addition, capillaries are located close to the surface of my skin; when I cut the cuticle myself, I could often get hurt. The same, it must be said, sometimes happened when visiting professional masters, if I forgot to warn them about fragile capillaries. All the prerequisites were present to begin to master the unknown - a mysterious unedged manicure. And you had to start by choosing a cuticle remover.
I read more than one positive review about the Sally Hansen blue remover. The product is gel-like, transparent, odorless. Convenient spout dispenser gives the right amount of gel without any problems. By the way, it is very economical. I apply it in a thin layer around the cuticle, I pay special attention to the rollers on the sides of the nail. Of course, the manufacturer very, very exaggerated about 15 seconds, I hold the gel for 2-3 minutes, after which with a special wooden stick from an orange tree I begin to gently push the cuticle away, remove the excess dissolved by the gel, and scrape off where necessary. The gel removes my cuticle perfectly, while it does not spoil the nails at all, during use I did not notice any detrimental effects on the quality of the nail plate.
The first positive result became noticeable after about two weeks. I caught myself thinking that the cuticle is growing more slowly, not at a rapid pace, as before, it has become softer, more obedient and supple (this, of course, lies in the merit of all the means used). At the moment, the most important achievement that has been achieved is not my angry enemies - a burr! And, what is encouraging, no wounds remaining after traumatic circumcised executions. So now I rarely resort to nail scissors, sometimes sometimes to fix something locally, cut ... I dance)
Duration of use: 2 months
Rating: 5

Belweder Gel Emollient Cuticules Exfoliant - Gel to remove the skin around the nails with glycerin and aloe leaf extract


Detailed opinion:
I purchased this gel in pair to the previous one for comparison. A thought crept into my head - maybe it is even better? They don’t look for good from good, but sometimes they can’t get anywhere from the notorious curiosity, this eternal engine of progress.
In some ways, the Belvedere gel loses, in some it even wins. I do not like the smell, it is very chemical and wildly in the nose. The texture is gel-like, not thick and not too liquid. Impressed by the presence of a brush, which is convenient to apply the gel to the cuticle, thereby easily controlling the amount of applied agent. The manufacturer writes that the gel needs to be kept for three minutes. I hold, it happens, a little longer, for four minutes the cuticle manages to dissolve, soften so much that it can be scraped off with a special scapula. The cuticle does not dry. After use, there is not even a need to immediately smear it with something.
Term of use: 3 weeks
Rating: 5-

Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil - Nail and Cuticle Oil with Vitamin E


Detailed opinion:
I do not have to complain about the condition of the nails, they do not break, do not flake and grow well. By buying oil, I pursued the goal of improving the condition of the cuticle: nourishing it, removing dryness. Everyone who decided to switch to unedged manicure should remember that the cuticle must be constantly moisturized, moisturized and moisturized again!
The composition includes safflower oil, known for its rich nutritional properties, wheat germ oil, apricot kernel oil, vitamin E, aloe and panthenol, which care for nails and cuticles.
The butter is oily, which is logical. But still, according to my feelings, it’s not as oily as pure oil. It is not absorbed immediately, it will not be possible to immediately grab onto a book or remote control from the TV and not leave an oil mark, you need to wait for it to absorb. Not for impulsive active natures. I rub the excess on the skin of my hands, so that she gets her share of top dressing.
Term of use: 2 months
Rating: 5-

DNC Nail Wax Strengthening - Nail Wax

Composition: beeswax, cosmetic paraffin, medical silicone, castor oil, perfume.
Detailed opinion:
I love this wax very much, it is magical. The cuticle with it is unusually soft, nourished, noticed that with regular use, nail growth accelerates. The nail plate visually becomes more smooth, shiny, without roughness and microcracks. Compared with the previous oil, this wax is more convenient to use, absorbed faster. It is incredibly economical, lasts for a long time, although the jar is small. The lid of the jar is not removed, but reclines, which is very convenient, will not get lost somewhere on the road. The only thing that confuses me is the smell of wax, reminiscent of the odor of an old grandmother's chest. But this is a trifle in comparison with its merits.
Term of use: 1,5 months
Rating: 5+
In general and in particular, I am satisfied with the results from the application of all four remedies. Now I will switch to unedged pedicure ... good luck to me)

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