Kanebo Sensai Face Fresh Paper Reviews

You must admit that summer is not the most comfortable season for owners of oily and combination skin prone to oily skin.
Personally, it's hard to do without matting napkins. For more than a year I have not parted with Shiseido wipes, which seemed good to all of me.
However, the craving for novelty focused on the analogue of Kanebo Sensai. Whether the worthy alternative has come out, we will learn further.

Kanebo Sensai Face Fresh Paper Grease Remover Wipes


From the manufacturer:
Ultra-thin napkins made from the most valuable Tosawashi linen paper, which for centuries has been traditionally hand-made by Japanese craftsmen. Wipes instantly absorb excess sebum without removing makeup.
Detailed opinion:
First of all, I note the packaging. It is cardboard, which on first examination disappointed me. I imagined what would become of her after everyday carrying in a bag, I thought that it would not pass even a day after it would tear, break. But it turns out that the Japanese are able to make excellent quality cardboard. For more than two weeks, the protractor from one bag to another, repeated extracts during the day, nothing happened to the packaging, it looked like it was resting quietly somewhere on the dressing table.
In addition, the box is convenient, thanks to its small size (6.8 x 8.8 cm), it can be easily placed in any, even the smallest cosmetic bag (and in your pocket). The most important plus is that the napkin is pulled out without creases of the next sheet, which is what all my Shiseido used to sin.
Paper quality is also up to par. Very strong, thin and dense. Absolutely not stiff, it is pleasant to touch the face with it, does not scratch the skin, leaves dullness and comfort. It absorbs excess sebum just instantly, while not removing makeup, without leaving a feeling of something foreign on the skin. For the whole face I need two napkins, all in a package of 100 pieces. Size - 7.5 x 10 cm. From the point of view of efficiency, Shiseido matting wipes win - I usually get by with one Shiseidov napkin, but the price is twice as high as on Kanebo.
I am satisfied with the purchase, the manufacturer tried. And when you consider that manual work and even with centuries-old traditions of production ...) I can not leave the house without this box.
Term of use: 2 weeks
Price: about 12 $
Rating: solid 5

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