Odri Nail Polish. # 17

Full name of varnish: Odri. Tone 17.

Detailed opinion: In Cosmo, this cute pea bottle caught my eye. The price is small - I decided to try.
And I decided correctly. Varnish worthy. It fits very well, evenly, does not bubble, dries quickly. It lasts 2 days without a base and fixative with active hand washing, clapping on the keyboard, walking and cleaning, and then the light tip of the nail begins to be visible, so you need to repaint it, and so it would last another day or two.
The brush is comfortable. The varnish is not thick.
Swatch applied in 2 layers. In one - it still strips and shines through at the tips, in two - it’s just optimal.
the quality was slightly lost when loading, there are no such stripes in life
Price: 4 UAH / $ 0.5
Rating: 5.
Thanks for reading.
No misters". Alice is me.