Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish Reviews

Hello dear beauticians! I want to tell you about, to some extent, undeservedly forgotten varnish)
Rimmel 60 seconds # 310 Red carpet

Detailed opinion: I bought it for the new year, I don’t know, I just liked it and came up to the dress well, and then for a long time he lay at my place without attention ... In these varnishes it frustrates me that the second layer lays down somehow thickly, heterogeneous ...
But I have this with all Rimmel ...
Now about the qualities)
The color is red with a shimmer, I did not determine the color of the shimmer in any way, sometimes it seems that it is somehow red, and when flashing, it casts blue)
It is necessary to paint in 2 layers, as one layer is unsuitable for socks, the color is not bright and the varnish lays unevenly ...
The varnish dries quickly, I usually paint one layer, wait a little for it to dry and paint the second, it dries quickly, only it didn’t make friends with me ... Dry it much longer than without it ... Strange, but true)
The varnishes of this series are not worn on me for very long, I don’t know why, but the tips are erased almost the next day ... But in the pedicure for a week it keeps on ironically))
It is erased quite easily, without any red fingers) Straight very easy)))
Well, now let's see)))

Flash) This shimmer is just visible here)

And the most favorite))) Vodichka)

Term of use: several times within six months)
Price: up to 100rub
Rating: I’ll put 4 for not very long wear and long drying and drying (paradoxically ...
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Be beautiful!

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