Faberlic BIO Kislorod Oxygen Balm for Skin with Oxygen Balm

Good day!
Today I decided to share my opinion on the remedy from FABERLIC, namely
Oxygen balm for all skin types series BIO KISLOROD
I bought it a couple of months ago, when the sun began to bake and I wanted something light for the skin.
Here is such a white-blue tube, it’s nice to hold in your hands, nothing leaks, the lid closes tightlyWhat the manufacturer says: balm enhances the effect of other cosmetics, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Heals skin lesions, soothes, relieves redness and itching. Clear blue balm, very light gel texture
My opinion: I really like the balm! I really love these very light gel products (of course, at certain times of the year and in certain weather). Easy to apply, quickly absorbed, leaves no film. I can’t say anything about enhancing the effectiveness of other means, I don’t even know how to determine it. I sometimes apply it in the evening after cleansing, when the face wants to breathe and I do not want to overload it with creams. Sometimes I put it after some nourishing mask, that's probably to enhance the effect. I sometimes apply in the afternoon, for example, when I spend a long time in the kitchen or in a stuffy room, after which I want to wash my face and refresh it. Or under a whitening face cream. This is the main plus for me in its refreshing ability and lightness. By the way, when I began to use it, I noticed that various inflammations and wounds from pimples really disappear faster (well, not only the balm, but he undoubtedly contributed to this). And even in May, terribly biting mosquitoes were flying around us, which they simply bit on the spot. So, I smeared all the bites with this balm and the itching really went away.
Conclusion: the remedy, I think, should be in every cosmetic bag, because it does everything it claims to do!
Term of use: about 2 months
Rating: 5+
Price: in my opinion the maximum in the catalog is 390 rubles, but it is always sold cheaper. I took rubles for 150-180.
Thanks for attention. Be beautiful and loved! I'm Masha.

Watch the video: SERIES BIO KISLOROD - Oxygen Balm FABERLIC (December 2019).